2,581: Retired Faculty Association

Revised: April 2017

The University of Nevada, Reno Retired Faculty Association (RFA) is established under this section 2,581 of the UAM. The RFA is a volunteer organization that reports directly to the President. It is governed by this section of the UAM and internal bylaws as approved by the President. The RFA shall conduct its activities under the oversight of an Executive Council of the RFA in accordance with the RFA bylaws.

As an entity reporting to the President, the RFA is subject to all University and NSHE policies and procedures including, but not limited to, discrimination and confidentiality policies.

At the discretion of the President, university funds may be allocated to the RFA. The RFA may assess dues of its members in an amount approved by the President. The RFA shall manage its funds through university and/or foundation accounts and existing university and/or foundation financial procedures.

The RFA works with the university administration to support the university mission and build volunteer support. It shall not engage in governmental affairs or lobbying NSHE, public officials, or governmental entities.

Membership in the RFA does not constitute university employment; however, RFA members are not barred from university employment in accordance with university and NSHE employment policies and procedures and/or state and federal law.

RFA Executive Council members shall be volunteers so long as they agree to adhere to the university approved volunteer agreement. Other RFA members who are not on the Executive Council may be required to agree and adhere to the university approved volunteer agreement.

Any RFA member may be required to sign liability waivers before participating in or volunteering for some RFA activities as determined by BCN Risk Management.

Policies and procedures developed and recommended by the RFA shall become effective only upon review of the Executive Vice President & Provost and approval of the President.