2,572: Joint Appointments Across NSHE Entities

Last Revised: May 1998

Across NSHE Entities:

Faculty with appointments in one entity of the university system may be appointed as joint appointment faculty in another. Through regular appointment procedures (department, dean, vice president/president), the University may appoint, with the approval of the other system entity involved, a faculty member from another entity to a joint appointment academic position with appropriate title. If no compensation is received by the person from the University, the title carries the designation "adjunct" (see section 2,630) and the appointment is made annually by a terms of employment document, specifying conditions of the appointment along with the appropriate title. The agreement between the system entities involved is in writing and includes procedures for evaluating the faculty member's performance and any additional conditions of appointment.

Voting rights are determined by the bylaws of the appropriate unit, except as limited by the university bylaws, which preclude voting rights for adjunct faculty.

Tenure eligibility is determined by NSHE Code.

Specific Teaching Arrangements between the University and the Desert Research Institute (DRI):

There are three types of arrangements between the University of Nevada, Reno (UNR) and the Desert Research Institute (DRI) for support of instruction at UNR - (1) teaching agreements, (2) joint agreements, and (3) separate agreements.

These agreements pertain to all schools and colleges at UNR that involve DRI faculty in their instructional programs, or on graduate student committees.