2,565: Visiting Scholars

Revised: November 2016

Visiting scholars who are not employed by the University must formally be appointed as volunteers prior to working in university offices, research labs, or other facilities.

The appointment must follow the procedures established on the BCN-NSHE website. It must use the official volunteer form.

A volunteer may not perform any work until he or she has signed the volunteer agreement form detailing the nature of the work to be performed and the relationship of the volunteer to the University.

Volunteers are not considered employees for any purpose other than workers' compensation and general liability protection, as specified on the volunteer form. Volunteers who are not US citizens are required to hold a visa that would allow for work in the United States.

Visiting scholars who are not US citizens or permanent residents must be reviewed and approved by the Export Control Officer in the Office of Sponsored Projects prior to receiving a letter of invitation and prior to submission of visa application forms. The Export Control Evaluation for Foreign Workers and Visitors (OSP-30) must be completed and sent to the Export Control Officer for approval.

Volunteers must comply with all NSHE and university policies. This includes but is not limited to required training for sexual harassment, laboratory safety, etc. and research policies, safety policies, export controls, and economic sanctions policies (NSHE Board of Regents Procedures and Guidelines Manual, Chapter 16, Section 2).