2,540: Moving Allowance

Revised: January 2024

If an employee is being hired into a continuing position and moved from a location which is at least 50 miles from the new location, institutional funds may be used to pay a relocation/moving allowance. The amount of this payment must be specified in the contract and cannot exceed the amount listed below unless approved by the Vice Provost, Faculty Affairs or a divisional vice president. This allowance is taxable income to the employee.

The employee will not be eligible for additional reimbursement for moving, relocation, personal or family travel, or other expenses in connection with the beginning of employment.

The allowance will be paid within the first 90 days of employment. It may not be paid prior to the start of employment.

If the employee leaves employment voluntarily within the first twelve months, this allowance must be repaid in full prior to the issuance of the final paycheck.

The amount of state funds expended for a given employee cannot exceed 1/12 of the average university academic faculty salary ("B" contract base) as reported to the AAUP in the previous academic year (the amount is updated every July 1: $8,255.73 for FY2023-2024; $9,242.96 for FY2024-2025).