2,529: Guidelines for Employee Recruitment Expenses and Entertainment

Revised: May 2018

Expenses to recruit academic or administrative faculty must be arranged in consultation with respective department chairs, dean/directors and vice presidents. There is no central pool of funds for such purposes.

Candidate Expenses

In accordance with NRS §281.169, the University allows for reimbursement of reasonable travel and per diem expenses of three finalists, as long as receipts for these items are submitted. The rules below are intended to provide guidance and reasonable limits for travel and interview expenses for candidates. Expenses beyond these limits will be covered only when permission is obtained from the appropriate vice president or dean.

  1. Candidate travel expenses to and from the university location or locations for interview activities are reimbursable. As a general rule, the university should not pay the travel or associated expenses of the candidate's spouse, domestic partner, or other family member who chooses to accompany him/her.
  2. Lodging and meals for the candidate up to three nights will be covered. Should the candidate wish to arrive early or stay beyond the time necessary to attend all interview activities or incur expenses not normally associated with an interview, the expenses incurred will be the candidate's responsibility.
  3. Out-of-pocket expenses such as local transportation and parking fees will be covered with itemized receipts.

Recruitment and General Entertainment Expenses

Official recruitment and associated entertainment expenses, as well as the costs of generally hosting university guest, are reimbursable to university employees. The provisions below are the university policies and limits relating to payment of these expenses. The relevant vice president or dean may set additional restrictions regarding the use of university funds for these expenses.

  1. The limits regarding the costs of meals and alcoholic beverages found in section 1,067 of this manual apply to hosted meals for recruitment and entertainment, whether conducted on or off campus, with the exception of approved development and government relations activities specified in that section.
  2. The number of university representatives attending hosted meals should generally be limited to two plus the host and guest(s). If the guest is accompanied by a spouse, domestic partner, or other family member, then one of the university representatives is entitled to bring and host his/her spouse, domestic partner, or other family member as well. Vice presidents and deans may elect to make an exception for a group meal deemed to be an appropriate recruitment activity. 
  3. The number of hosted dinners held during job candidate visits will vary. However, no more than three of these dinners should be held during the visit.
  4. Hosted meals using official campus catering vendors may also be held if necessary to accommodate a candidate's interview schedule and to permit the efficient gathering of individuals who could not otherwise meet with the candidate.