2,516: Administrative Faculty Temporary Salary Adjustments

Revised: August 2018

A temporary salary adjustment of up to one year may be granted if an incumbent will be assuming substantial additional duties from another position for at least 60 calendar days. Up to 10% may be granted if an incumbent has assumed duties that are in a higher compensation grade or up to 5% if an incumbent has assumed duties that are in the same compensation grade. The faculty member must meet the minimum requirements for the position in order for the adjustment to be granted. Human Resources may request an updated resume/cv to make this determination.

A request should be submitted directly to Human Resources in advance, through administrative channels, and should include:

  • Name of the employee assuming the duties
  • Rationale for why the employee is assuming the duties
  • Job title and compensation grade of the higher-level position 
  • An explanation of the higher level job duties being assumed
  • Duration of adjustment
  • Amount requested

In most cases, only one such adjustment will be awarded for a single vacancy or extended absence. Occasionally, adjustments may be awarded to no more than two individuals for a single vacancy or extended absence and the salary increase amount may be split between the two. When the temporary salary adjustment terminates, the faculty member is returned to their former salary base plus any COLA and merit awarded. The COLA and merit amounts are applied to the former base salary.