2,363: Classified Staff Honoree

Revised: August 2019

Classified Staff Honoree is a designation afforded to retired university classified staff members that meet eligibility requirements and receive approval for this status.

After submitting a notice of retirement to the supervisor, retired staff members who will be immediately drawing a PERS retirement benefit with at least ten years of continuous service to the University and who have provided significant contribution(s) to the University (as described in two letters of recommendation) may complete the Classified Staff Honoree appointment request form. All documentation shall be submitted for review to the employee's supervisor, the college dean or vice president, the Staff Employees' Council Chair, and the Vice President for Administration and Finance for review and final approval.

Retired classified employees who do not immediately receive a PERS retirement benefit are ineligible for the Honoree status.

Retired Staff who attain the recognition of Classified Staff Honoree are considered unpaid university employees for the purposes of licenses as long as they are receiving PERS or the privilege is revoked by the University President. They are afforded certain privileges as outlined below:

Email and University of Nevada, Reno NetID. Classified Staff Honorees will retain their university email address and University NetID provided the approved application is received by Human Resources two weeks prior to the last day of employment. 

University Directory. Classified Staff Honorees will be listed in the university's online directory. The listings will include name, title and email address.

WolfCard. Classified Staff Honorees may retain their current WolfCards.

University Libraries. Classified Staff Honorees will continue to have online access to the University Libraries licensed resources and privileges for University of Nevada, Reno books and media checkout, as long as their NetIDs are active. A current WolfCard is required for all transactions regarding library books and materials.

E. L. Wiegand Fitness Center. Classified Staff Honorees are able to purchase a membership at the same reduced rate as Emeritus Faculty, as listed on the Fitness Center website.

Academic Events and Ceremonies. Classified Staff Honorees are welcome to participate in academic events and ceremonies, as listed in Nevada Today and on the University Events Calendar.