2,258: Background Check Policy for Classified Employees

Revised: April 2014

Departments must evaluate the backgrounds of potential hires.

Background Checks:

Criminal background checks are conducted on all new classified employees to the University as a condition of employment, including employees who are returning to the University after a separation of any length.  

Current employees moving into a different position through competitive recruitment processes must complete a new background check unless a check was completed within the last calendar year.  Current employees transferring to a position without competition or participating in reclassification are not subject to a background check unless the new position or new duties require a credit check.

If the background check reveals adverse information, the Associate Vice President, Human Resources or designee will conduct the initial review of any adverse information pursuant to NAC 284.321. If the adverse information is job related or was not revealed on the job application, the Associate Vice President, Human Resources will consult with the hiring authority. The final decision for disqualification/termination from consideration for a position lies with the appointing authority.

Reference Checks:

Reference checks on prospective classified employees are required.  Supervisory references listed on the job application must be contacted.  Please note: applicants may request you do not contact the current supervisor without their permission.  In addition, supervisors may also conduct character reference checks. 

Appointing authorities or their designee may review the service jacket of any current classified employee being considered for hire.  All information received on reference checks will be considered confidential and is to be treated as such by appointing authorities.

Departments authorized to conduct their own background checks shall follow additional legal regulations if required. In such instances, employees must meet departmental specific conditions.

Pre-Employment Drug Testing

Certain jobs that have an impact on public health or safety are subject to pre-employment drug and alcohol testing.  BCN Human Resources identifies those specific positions and coordinates the testing of applicants prior to starting employment.