2,250: Recruitment and Selection of Classified Employees

Revised: April 2014

The State of Nevada Equal Employment Opportunity and the University of Nevada Affirmative Action regulations all mandate equal employment opportunities for all applicants.  BCN Human Resources is responsible for ensuring that recruitment and selection practices are consistent with these governing regulations.

Upon receipt of the recruitment requisition (procedures are outlined on the HR website), BCN Human Resources works with hiring departments to determine the most appropriate and efficient method of recruitment. Recruitment may be open competitive or may be limited to promotional applicants.

After determining type of recruitment, BCN Human Resources will prepare and publicly post a job announcement.  Applications are collected and screened for eligibility.  When applicable, examination of applicants is conducted.  A list of eligible candidates is then prepared by BCN Human Resources and submitted to the hiring department.  The hiring department is also given instructions for list usage and the forms necessary to begin the applicant's employment.