2,170: Faculty Grants-in-Aid

Revised: January 2018

For specific information regarding the Nevada System of Higher Education (NSHE) policies for grants-in-aid for academic and administrative faculty and graduate assistants, such as eligibility and fees, refer to the Board of Regents Handbook Title 4, Chapter 3, sections 11-13.

Military Science instructors are eligible for the same grant-in-aid benefit levels as are regular faculty. Human Resources maintains a list of Military Science instructors that are eligible for grant-in-aid. The Military Science Department is responsible for notifying Human Resources of changes to the faculty.

Grants-in-aid do not cover all student fees. For more detailed information on inclusions and exclusions, see https://www.unr.edu/hr/benefits/educational-benefits/faculty. For the current annual rates, contact Human Resources. 

Grants-In-Aid Coverage at the University of Nevada, Reno:

  1. All for credit classes that are included in the weighted student hour calculation for state funding are eligible.
  2. University Studies Abroad Consortium classes
  3. NevadaFIT
  4. Extended Studies/Summer Session classes
  5. 365 Learning (on-line for credit classes)

Grants-In-Aid Restrictions at the University of Nevada, Reno:

The following programs are not eligible or have restrictions to the Grants-In-Aid Benefit:

  1. Pearson on-line sponsored programs (PEARSON) are not eligible.
  2. Master of Judicial Studies (JS), Justice Management (JM) and Doctorate of Philosophy in Judicial Studies (JD) are not eligible.
  3. Executive MBA Program (EMBA) is not eligible.
  4. Gerontology (GERO) are not eligible. 
  5. Intensive English Language classes (IELC) are not eligible. 
  6. Remedial classes <100 level are not eligible. 
  7. Extended Studies/365 Learning, including Summer Session, reserves the right to refuse to honor a Classified Grant-In-Aid in a requested academic credit class.
  8. Non-credit classes offered through Extended Studies are not eligible for this benefit.
  9. Grant-in-Aid will not cover Excess Credit Fees.