2,101: Retirement Program - Membership Eligibility

Last Revised: September 1998

Academic and administrative faculty employed on "A" or "B" contracts of .50 FTE or more are eligible to participate in the retirement program on the effective date of the contract.

Classified employees working half-time (50% FTE) or more whose assignment exceeds 120 consecutive days in any fiscal or calendar year, must participate in the retirement program from the first day of employment.

New eligible academic and administrative faculty are required to join the Retirement Plan Alternatives (RPA) program unless they are already members of the Nevada Public Employees Retirement System (PERS), in which case they will be required to continue with their PERS participation. Faculty members in the University of Nevada Cooperative Extension who are members of either the Civil Service Retirement System or the Federal Employees Retirement System are allowed to continue participation in those programs.

Post doctoral scholars, graduate assistants and students paid from a wages account, persons working less than half-time (below 50% FTE) and temporary employees working less than 120 consecutive days are ineligible for retirement membership; however, they are mandated by federal regulations to participate in social security (FICA).