2,005 - University Email Requirement for Employees

Revised: December 2021

Employees and some contingent workers are automatically be assigned a university-issued @unr.edu email account upon hire for official university communication.  University business conducted via email by University employees/contingent workers must be conducted using their university-issued @unr.edu email account or associated aliases.  Employees may not redirect or forward emails that contain university records, from their university-issued account to another email system.

The following job families and titles automatically receive a University email account. Note: Contingent workers who are not automatically assigned a University email account, but need one for work purposes, should work with their supervisor to review and update their job profile/title to one that does automatically receive an email account.

  • Administrative Faculty
  • Academic Faculty
  • Emeritus Faculty
  • Classified Staff Honoree
  • LOAs (Letter of Appointment)
  • Medical Residents (Resident)
  • Postdoctoral Scholars
  • Classified and Classified Hourly
  • Temporary Hourly
  • Graduate Assistants
  • Student Employees
  • Contingent Worker titles that receive an email automatically are: On Campus Affiliate 2*, Volunteer B*, Clinical Adjunct Faculty*, Volunteer Adjunct Faculty, Emeritus* and Classified Staff Honoree*.

Primary Work Email Address, under Contact Information in Workday, will automatically be updated when the email is initially assigned or if the email is not reflecting the @unr.edu domain or associated aliases and their primary position is with the University of Nevada, Reno for all employees and some volunteers except as designated with a * above.

As part of their job responsibilities, all employees must review their emails regularly for key University communications.  Some communications are time-critical.  University communication emails will be distributed based on @unr.edu email addresses as stored in the HR system (Workday).  Exceptions will be made for other NSHE institution assigned domains when their primary position is outside University of Nevada, Reno. Email users should exercise caution in using email to communicate confidential, sensitive or regulated information.  Do not assume that email is private or secure. The domain @unr.edu should only be used to conduct university business.  To comply with FERPA, protected information related to students will only occur with those identified as school officials with legitimate educational interest.

Letter of Appointment (LOAs) are part-time temporary employees and email is available as soon as the NetID is activated for a new hire, up to 90 days before the first day of employment.  LOAs have access to @unr email as long as they remain an active employee.

For those instructional LOAs teaching both fall and spring, the email is active over the summer and winter breaks regardless of work activity in the time period. For LOAs currently teaching, email will remain active through the grade submittal date and into the next semester when the LOA is scheduled to teach the following semester.  For LOAs that are not scheduled to teach for 90 days or more, the email access will be terminated once confirmed that the LOA is not teaching the following semester (approximately thirty days after grade submittal each semester).

When employment is ended the email address is inactivated.  If the LOA returns, the prior email address can be reactivated if still available. The chance that the email address will change increases the longer the email is inactive.