13: Sources of Information

Last Revised: May 2008

The Administrative Manual is intended to codify university policy and related procedure. The institution maintains other relevant sources of information (listed below) which may also be of assistance.

  1. Nevada System of Higher Education Code;
  2. Board of Regents Handbook;
  3. Nevada System of Higher Education Procedures and Guidelines Manual;
  4. University of Nevada, Reno Bylaws;
  5. State Administrative Manual (SAM) of the State of Nevada;
  6. Nevada Revised Statutes (NRS), Chapter 396 (concerning the Nevada System of Higher Education);
  7. University of Nevada, Reno Catalog;
  8. University of Nevada, Reno Class Schedule (published each semester);
  9. University of Nevada, Reno Faculty and Staff Directory;
  10. University parking and traffic regulations; and
  11. University of Nevada, Reno Sponsored Projects Administration Manual.