36: Receipt of Service of Lawsuits

Revised: April 1999

When the Nevada System of Higher Education is served with various lawsuits, service of the lawsuits is usually made on the Board of Regents, the Chancellor, a particular member institution, a president, a faculty member or all of the foregoing, and usually through office staff. If a process server attempts to make service on someone or some institution through someone who is not authorized to accept service, the service should be refused with an explanation to the process server. No one should accept service for anyone unless specific authorization has been granted by the person being served.

The following information applies to the receipt of lawsuits:

  1. The Chancellor or the Chancellor's designee may accept service for the NSHE.
  2. Only presidents or their designees may accept service for the institutions of the NSHE.
  3. No individual may be served except personally or through someone specifically authorized by the individual to accept service.

The following procedures apply to those individuals authorized to receive and acknowledge lawsuits:

  1. Identify the person/party being served.
  2. Leave a copy of the complaint and summons for each person/party being served.
  3. Identify the process server and ask for his/her telephone number.
  4. Note the date and time of service and deliver the documents to the General Counsel's Office immediately.