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Tutoring Center

  • The walk-in labs have been expanded for the fall. Click "walk-in schedule."

FREE Tutoring Center services include small groups sessions, walk-in labs, and SI sessions. 

Our Fall office hours are:

Monday through Thursday: 8am-8pm

Friday: 8am-4pm

Click the "Walk-in Lab Schedule" for walk-in labs times, classes, and locations.

Supplemental Instruction (Fall & Spring semester)

Wouldn't it be great if tutors sat through your hardest class with you? SI leaders do! Find out about SI.

Walk-in tutoring labs

Looking for homework help at short notice, no appointment needed? Check the walk-in lab schedule.

Weekly group appointments

Do you learn better with a group? Grab a few classmates and request a weekly session together.

One-on-one appointments

For $10, you can see a tutor one-on-one? Sign up for one-time appointments.

 Link to TutorTrac

Contact Us

Tutoring Center (0078)

1664 N. Virginia Street

Reno, NV 89557

Phone (775) 784-6801

Fax (775) 784-4277

Thompson Building, 101M

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