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Scheduling Services

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Scheduling Services is a unit of Planning Budget & Analysis and coordinates the use of space for both university and non-university users. Please call or email our office for any questions involving scheduling:

  • Classrooms & Facilities
  • Recreation Facilities
  • Theatres & Concert Halls
  • Lawn Areas & Fields
  • Public View Board Postings
  • Catering
  • Housing
  • Audio Visual Equipment
  • Custodial, Parking or Security Services
  • Invoices for Expenses Incurred
  • General Scheduling Questions

***All undergraduate student clubs must fill out an SEAB form for all requests. Please be sure to answer all the questions correctly so that we are able to schedule you right away. State in the Notes for Administrator description box if you would like a specific room and which one, or the building if this information is not on the Location drop down list. For recurring reservations, note in the Notes for Administrator description box that this is a request for recurring meetings on whatever day of the week and choose the beginning/end dates and times from the drop down menus. For spanning reservations, please enter the beginning and end dates and times in the drop down boxes, and enter the specific dates you wish to reserve in the Notes for Administrator description box. After you click the submit button, we receive the SEAB form and will schedule an available room from that. You will receive a confirmation email when your room is scheduled.

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Contact Us

Scheduling Services (0114)

1664 N. Virginia Street

Reno, NV 89557

Phone (775) 784-6837

Continuing Education, Room 302

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