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Orientation Basics

Who should attend? Are all undergraduate students required to attend ORIENTATION?

Yes. Every undergraduate student enrolling in classes for the first time at the University is required to attend orientation. At orientation you will familiarize yourself with NEVADA, meet faculty, staff and students, and gain valuable information to ease your transition to college.

Are graduate students required to attend ORIENTATION?

No. Graduate students are not required to attend the orientation program. The Graduate School coordinates orientation for graduate students. Please contact the Graduate School to find out what is required of you before you begin your NEVADA graduate program.

Is orientation required for my parent(s) or guardian(s)?

The Parent and Family Orientation Program is optional but highly recommended for the parents of all first time college freshmen. You can sign parents up for the parent and family program by adding them as a guest while making your orientation reservation. The parent and family program runs at the same time as the student program but students and parents will be separated for the majority of the program.

What if I cannot attend ORIENTATION?

If you are unable to attend one of the orientation sessions, contact the Office of New Student Initiatives at (775) 784-4306 or email We will determine if the situation qualifies for an exception or alternative program and refer you to the steps you need to take if you are not attending orientation.

Is ORIENTATION different than Nevada Bound?

Yes. Orientation is your first official experience as a University of Nevada student and all new students are required to attend. At orientation you will learn the essentials of being a student from student life to academic requirements. You will become a member of the Wolf Pack community and get to know campus inside and out. Additionally, it is the first opportunity you will have to change your class schedule. As a new student to the University, orientations is a must for a successful transition.

Can I bring guests with me to ORIENTATION?

Orientation is designed for new students, and any guests will be directed to the Parent and Family Orientation program. All guests must be registered for the program which is designed specifically for parents/guardians. As a result, guests are separated from students for the majority of the two-day program and are not able to share an overnight room with students.

Why am I receiving an error message when attempting to register for ORIENTATION?

In order to sign up for ORIENTATION, first-year students need to have: 

  • Accepted your admission in MyNEVADA
  • Paid your Advanced Registration Deposit
  • Submitted the supplemental questionnaire for Advanced Registration
  • Submitted ACT/SAT test scores to Admissions and Records

If you are receiving an error message when attempting to Sign Up:

  • Common error messages include invalid NSHE ID and invalid first or last name.
  • When using your name, it must match exactly the name that is on file with the University. 
  • The most common reason for these errors is that you are not yet eligible to register for orientation.
  • If you experience an error, please log in to your MyNEVADA account and review your "To Do List". If there is an item on your To Do List indicating that you need to sign up for ORIENTATION, then you are eligible to sign up and should call or email New Student Initiatives to resolve the issue.
  • If you have other To do List items, you must complete these prior to signing up for ORIENTATION. Once these items are complete, it may take 1-3 business days before the ORIENTATION system will allow you to sign up. If you have completed these items and are still receiving an error, please contact the New Student Initiatives Office at (775) 784-4306 or email

When should I register for ORIENTATION?

You should register for orientation as soon as possible after "Sign Up and Attend Orientation" appears on your MyNEVADA to do list. Registering as soon as possible will help ensure that you can select the program date that works best for you.

Where can I get help with the online ORIENTATION sign up system?

If you are having trouble using the Online Registration System, you should call the Office of New Student Initiatives at (775) 784-4306 or email Please be ready to explain the problem you have encountered so we may assist you more effectively.

What is a 1st Gen Scholar, and why do you ask this question on the reservation?

1st Gen Scholar is a term we use to describe first-generation college students. First-Generation college students those whose parents/guardians have not completed a 4 year college degree. We ask this question during the orientation reservation process so that we can best connect first-generation students, as well as their families, to campus resources to support their successful transition to, and graduation from, college.

Can my ORIENTATION session date be changed after I have already registered?

In order to change your session date, you can access your registration account from the sign up page. Each session is closed 10 days prior, at which time we cannot make changes to the selected session. If you have problems please contact the New Student Initiatives Office at (775) 784-4306. You'll want to contact us as soon as possible; the longer you wait increases the possibility that your desired orientation session will be full.

Can I sign up for a full ORIENTATION session?

No, once a session has reached capacity, we are unable to accommodate additional students. Because of this, we encourage you to sign up for your orientation session as soon you are eligible.

Is there a wait list for closed ORIENTATION sessions?

Our ORIENTATION registration process does not include wait lists for filled Orientation sessions. However, there are many students who reschedule their Orientation session, and as a result, space often becomes available in previously filled sessions. You may log in to your reservation to view a real-time list of open sessions.

Are parents and students together during ORIENTATION?

Parent and Student orientation programs are run at the same time but are separate. However, students and parents can expect to be together at the beginning of the first day of orientation and at the end of the second day of orientation.

Orientation Logistics

How long is the ORIENTATION Program and Parent Orientation?

The two day program begins with check in from 8-9:00 a.m. on day one, with the first session starting at 9 a.m. Students are scheduled to stay in a campus residence hall, as the Day 1 program elements are scheduled through 11 p.m. Parents may also stay in a residence hall for an additional fee, and the parent Day 1 schedule concludes about 7:30 p.m. Day 2 for both students and parents starts at 7 a.m. and concludes between 4:00 - 5:00 p.m. This two-day format allows for ample time to attend sessions and take care of many of your needs while you are on campus.

The one day program starts with check in from 8-9 am with the welcome starting at 9:00 a.m. The program concludes at approximately 4 p.m.

Is there a fee to stay on-campus during orientation?

No. Student overnight accommodations during orientation are included and automatically reserved. There is only a fee if you arrive early or stay an extra night. For example, if your session is on a Monday-Tuesday then Monday night is automatically included. If you were to arrive Sunday or spend the night Tuesday, then you would pay an additional lodging fee. All extra nights can be added during the orientation reservation process.

What should I expect my on-campus housing experience to be like when I am at ORIENTATION?

During ORIENTATION you will be staying in one of the university's on-campus residence halls. You will be sharing a room with another orientation attendee or two. You should bring the basic things you would take on an overnight trip such as toiletries (soap, shampoo, etc) and an alarm clock. Linens (two towels, one washcloth and sheets) will provided.

If I am a student from the Reno area, do I need to spend the night on campus?

Yes. Spending the night on campus is an important part of orientation. You will have events and activities that run late into the night which will be valuable to your transition to campus.

Is on-campus housing available for family members during ORIENTATION?

Yes, parents can opt to stay in an on-campus residence hall for an additional fee. This can be added during the registration process. Space may limited so make your arrangements as soon as possible. Rooms are separated from student accommodations with linen service and two twin beds. Rooms are basic, and do not include any T.V.s or other amenities. Unlike students, parents will not need to share rooms with other participants. There are also numerous accommodations near the University and in the Reno Area.

Do my parents/guests check in at the same time/place?

Yes, parents and students both check in at the same location.

Can I add parents/guests at ORIENTATION?

Yes, you may add parents and guests during the morning check-in period on Day 1. However, overnight accommodations for guests cannot be added on the spot because they must be reserved in advance. 

If parents stay on campus, do they share rooms with other parents?

No. Unlike students, you will not have to share rooms with other participants.

Is travel to ORIENTATION included?

Travel to orientation is not included. If you have any questions about travel options for orientation, please call the New Student Initiatives Office at (775) 784-4306.

Will there be a shuttle available to get to the University from the Airport?

There is a shuttle from the airport to The Nevada Living Learning Community building on Day 1 of orientation from 7-9:00 a.m. and from The Nevada Living Learning Community to the airport on Day 2 from 4-6 p.m. Please go to baggage claim and look for staff with the University of Nevada, Reno sign. Reservations are not needed for the shuttle. The shuttle is unavailable for those arriving a day early or departing a day later.

Where do I park during ORIENTATION?

Space has been allocated in the Sierra Street Garage (at approximately 1264 N. Sierra Street) and Whalen Garage  (at approximately 1428 N. Virginia Street).  We recommend parking in the Sierra Street Garage as it is closest to Orientation check-in at the Nevada Living Learning Community. A PDF orientation parking pass will be available on this site one week prior to your orientation date. Simply print the PDF and place it on your dashboard, so it is visible through the front windshield. The orientation permit allows you to park in any student or unmarked stalls. Parking restrictions such as metered, staff, reserved, handicap, and red zones will be enforced.

When should I start looking for financial aid?

We recommend that you begin applying for financial aid opportunities as soon as you make your decision to attend NEVADA. You will need to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) before you will be able to apply for most aid sources. NEVADA's Office of Student Financial Aid and Scholarships can assist you in your search.

Orientation Additional Lodging

Due to travel needs, I am arriving a day early. Where can I stay?

When signing up for your orientation session, you can request to arrive a day early if that better suits your travel needs. The room fee for early arrival is $40 and will need to be paid for at least 1 week prior to arrival through your online orientation reservation. You may check in to early arrival rooms no earlier than 5 P.M. If arriving early by plane, you will need to secure your own transportation to the University. 

If your travel arrangements require that you spend and extra night after the second day of orientation, please email for more information.

Do you recommend a taxi or shuttle service?

Bell Limousine and taxi service provides economical service to the greater Reno area. You can make a reservation on one of their airport shuttles for  $5.00 - $10.00 per person. Please go to their website or call (775) 323-3727 to get more information or make a reservation.

Where do I go to check in early?

If you are arriving prior to the scheduled check in day, and have made arrangements to stay in the residence halls prior to orientation, please proceed to the Nevada Living Learning Community front desk. You may check in for the residence halls any time after 5 P.M. The desk attendant will check you into your room, but you will still need to check in for orientation at the regularly schedule time the following day.

Due to travel needs, I need to stay an additional night. What are my options?

When signing up for your Orientation session, you will only have the option to arrive early. If you need to spend an additional night on campus please email as soon as possible to make arrangements. The room fee for additional night accommodations after orientation is $50.00 and would need to be paid prior to arrival. If staying an additional night and traveling by plane, you will need to secure your own transportation to the Airport.

Orientation Fees

How much does Orientation cost?

All new students are charged a one-time, non refundable new student fee of $150, which appears on your university bill. Because it appears on your university bill, the fee can be covered using financial aid and is paid for when you pay your tuition and fees. There is no upfront cost for students to attend orientation. This fee pays for the orientation program and materials, your Wolf Card (ID), Wolf Pack Planner, Wolf Pack Welcome, and other new student services.

If I do not attend ORIENTATION do I have to pay the New Student Fee?

Yes, the New Student Fee applies to all new undergraduate students even if you are unable to attend orientation. Orientation materials may be made available to you in another format if you are unable to attend. Please contact the New student Initiatives office at if you are unable to attend.

Are new student fees covered by financial aid?

Yes, since the fee is charged on your university bill, financial aid and scholarships may be applied to the fee.

How much does it cost for parents to attend Orientation?

The parent/guest fee is $75/parent or guest  for the 2 day program.  For parents/guests attending a 1 day transfer program, the fee is $30/parent or guest.

My parents are no longer attending; can I get my money back?

Refunds can be issued less a $20 processing fee. All refunds must be requested at least one week prior to your orientation date. Please email us at with any refund requests. Refunds are processed at the end of each month and take several days to be credited to your original account.

Can I leave ORIENTATION early?

When you are attending orientation you should prepare to stay for the full program and travel arrangements should be made accordingly. Additional overnight accommodations are available for a fee, and may be requested when registering for the program. Leaving the program early may result in not having your first year advising hold removed from your MyNEVADA account.

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