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5,302: Policy for Use of University Space

Last Revised: April 2013

The use of university facilities for events by non-university organizations, groups, or individuals (including university employees using university space for personal events), both sponsored and non-sponsored, shall be limited to the Manzanita Bowl; the Jot Travis Lawn; the athletic fields; Mackay Stadium; and the designated exterior and interior spaces. The use of facilities at the Nelson Building, the Stead campus, the Redfield campus, as well as university sites located throughout the state are covered under this policy. Exceptions may be made by the president or designee(s) for these or for any university site. An event is defined as any function, meeting, gathering, workshop, or seminar attended by others, regardless of size or purpose. Permission to use university space can only be granted if such use is consistent with the mission of the University.

Use of such space must be approved in advance and is prohibited during major university events, e.g., new student orientation, commencement, athletic game days, with the exception of use of space to gather signatures on petitions per NRS 293.127565. All non-sponsored, non-university organizations, groups, and individuals are required to identify themselves and any products, information or materials being distributed as being neither sponsored by nor endorsed by the university. This disclaimer must be prominently displayed at all times for the duration of the event.

The Scheduling Services Office is responsible for approving, coordinating and scheduling the use of all main campus space, as well as space at the Nelson Building, the Redfield campus, and the Valley Road property, for non-instructional events, as defined above, in accordance with university policy, except for the following specific areas in which scheduling is handled by each respective unit: Joe Crowley Student Union; Lawlor Events Center; Mathewson-IGT Knowledge Center; Redfield Campus; Mackay Stadium; Peccole Field; Stead property; residence halls; and department conference rooms. Upon request, the Scheduling Services Office may assist in coordinating arrangements for events held at any of these facilities or at remote university sites. Exceptions may be made by the President or designee(s).

In order to preserve space and flexibility for regular meetings of classes during prime academic periods, academic classes have scheduling priority over events. Events include department meetings, review sessions, student club meetings, non-university group meetings, etc. Events will not be scheduled until the tenth day of the semester on week days during the hours from 9:30 a.m.-12:00 p.m. and 1:00 p.m.-6:45 p.m. in high demand buildings (Ansari Building, AB; Davidson Math and Science Center, DMSC; Cain Hall, EJCH; Frandsen Humanities, FH; Leifson Physics, LP; Living Learning Community, LLC; and Schulich Lecture Hall, SLH).

Events scheduled outside these hours may be scheduled prior to the tenth day. All events are subject to being moved if the room is needed to accommodate an academic class.

Events especially important to the University or community as a whole that also require a great deal of advance coordination may be granted an exception and be scheduled in advance. This will be determined by Scheduling Services.

Failure to comply with the guidelines will result in the loss of the privilege to use university facilities for up to one year. Appeals may be directed to the Associate Vice President for Planning, Budget and Analysis.

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