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5,008: Keys

Last Revised: September 1998

  1. Keys and/or card access keys are issued by the office of the director of the Facilities Management only upon written authorization of a division or department chair.
  2. The person to whom the key is issued must accept sole responsibility for the key. Lending of keys is prohibited.
  3. The person who provides written authorization for the issuance of the key is responsible to see that the key is returned to the Facilities Management Department when the key is no longer needed.
  4. The Facilities Management Department shall keep a written key record for each individual.
  5. Keys are state property; the unauthorized duplication of university keys is prohibited.
  6. Lock changes may be requested by a DPO. Lock changes and keys are charged to the requesting department. Departments will be charged for new or replacement keys and card keys.
  7. A new building perimeter security system has been implemented in a number of buildings which require the use of a card key to enter and exit after normal business hours. These buildings have signs posted at the entrance of the facility. See the "How-To" book for procedures to follow.
  8. The entire Key Control Policy is available by request from the Facilities Management Department.

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