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5,210: Dedication, Naming and Signage of Facilities

Last Revised: November 2003

The term "facilities" as defined within this policy includes rooms, buildings, roadways, green areas, and specific campus locations. This policy applies to all university facilities located within recognized campus boundaries as well as university facilities located beyond recognized campus boundaries, including the Agricultural Experiment Station and Cooperative Extension facilities, whether owned or rented by the university.

Dedication: Dedication to a donor of any portion of a university facility must be recommended through the UNR Foundation office and be in conformity with the Board of Regents Handbook.

Naming of Facilities: Naming of university facilities must be recommended through the Facilities Resource Committee and conform to Board of Regents and University policy (see section 1670 of this Administrative Manual).

Signage: Signage of any portion of a university facility in the name of an individual, group, or corporate entity must conform to guidelines approved.

Guidelines for approved external signage are as follows:

  1. Signs shall be constructed of materials of a similar nature to and compatible with existing signs in the area and on the campus so as to provide a uniformity to all campus signs. Approved materials for exterior signs include routed redwood and anodized metal.
  2. Building signs located outside the structure shall be restricted to the building name and its designation.
  3. Signs shall be horizontal and located near the building entrance or other location that will assist in identifying the facility.
  4. Signs attached to the building will be restricted to the building name, sized for easy identification from the site (not to exceed 12" in height).

Guidelines for approved interior signage are as follows:

  1. Signs shall be made from materials which are compatible and harmonious with the interior decor of the individual facility.
  2. Signage within an individual facility should be consistent in style, color, and size throughout the facility.
  3. Signage made from tape or paper material is inappropriate and is restricted to temporary usage only.

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