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503: Routing of Legal Contracts

Revised: June 2014

All legal contracts are to be routed to one of the following offices:

  • Sponsored Projects Grant or Contract: Send to the Office of Sponsored Projects Administration.
  • Contracts, Leases and Agreements where the university is purchasing a good or service: If the contract is for goods or services and the dollar amount exceeds the limits as set forth in UAM Section 1,507: Basic Purchasing Procedure for Small Dollar Purchases, the contract should be sent with a completed and signed purchase requisition form to the Purchasing Office.
  • All other Contracts and Agreements: Send to Controller's Office.

If the other contract cannot be signed on campus, these offices will see that it is forwarded with the recommendation of the president or his designee for the approval of the Chancellor or the Board of Regents. If the item must be submitted to the Chancellor or Board of Regents for approval the submitting department will be required to complete the Board of Regents' agenda item request form and briefing paper.

Several standard form contracts for leases, institutional facility agreements, clinical education affiliation agreements, and inter-institutional agreements are provided in the NSHE Procedures Manual Chapter 5, Section 3.

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