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University Administrative Manual

2,302: Annual Leave Policy for Classified Staff

Last Revised: September 2010

Annual leave is accrued at the rate of 10 hours per month for full time employees with less than 10 years of state service, 12 hours per month for full time employees with more than 10 years of service and less than 15, and 14 hours per month for full time employees with 15 years or more of service. Part-time classified employees earn annual leave on a prorated basis. Contact Business Center North for assistance in calculating the amount of leave accrued and used by a part-time classified employee.

During the first six months of employment annual leave accrues, but no annual leave may be taken during that period. Upon dismissal, an employee who has been employed for six months or more may be paid for annual leave accrued. 

If while on annual leave a classified staff employee becomes ill or injured, the employee remains on annual leave for the duration of the original request. Annual leave cannot be converted to sick leave after the annual leave has commenced, unless the illness or injury is approved as FMLA leave.

Annual leave shall be granted at the convenience of the appointing authority after considering the needs of the department and seniority and preference of the classified employee. Written approval or denial of annual leave must be obtained in writing before the date upon which the annual leave is requested to commence or within 15 working days after the appointing authority receives the request, whichever is sooner. The appointing authority may not prohibit an employee from using at least five consecutive days of annual leave in any calendar year (NAC 284.539)

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