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2,255: Classified Appointments

Revised: March 2015

All appointments must be approved by BCN Human Resources and comply with Affirmative Action and State of Nevada requirements. A Personnel Action Form (PAF) is used as the appointing document.

Appointments to classified service are either temporary positions of limited duration or continuing positions. Refer to section 2,250 for recruitment processes of continuing positions.

Provisional appointees (those persons appointed when an appropriate eligible list does not exist) are required to qualify successfully on the next examination and be placed on the eligible list in order to be retained in the position. The provisional appointment must be terminated within 30 days after the establishment of an appropriate eligible list, but no later than six months following the date of the provisional appointment.

Temporary appointments are intended to meet the short-term needs of an employer. There are two types of temporary appointments: Regular Temporary (Not-to-Exceed 6 Months) and Intermittent Temporary (Not-to-Exceed 1,039 Hours). Please refer to the HR website for specific appointment types and instructions for making a temporary employment request. Temporary appointments are not eligible to accrue sick and annual leave.

  • Regular Temporary (Not-to-Exceed 6 Months) appointments require a break in service prior to appointment of an employee to a regular classified position. Written requests for exception may be submitted to Human Resources. Please refer to HR website for additional information.
  • Intermittent Temporary (Not-to-Exceed 1,039 Hours) requires a break in service prior to the appointment of an employee to a regular classified appointment. Exception requests will not be considered.  



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