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2,674: Military Leave

Last Revised: September 2007

Faculty who are members of Federal Reserve forces or the Nevada National Guard are entitled to serve under orders without loss of regular compensation for a period not to exceed 15 working days in any one calendar year. Such military leave of absence shall be in addition to any annual or sick leave to which the faculty member might otherwise be entitled. Authorized military leave of absence without salary shall be granted for periods in excess of 15 working days. 

Faculty who officially receive orders to serve as members of Federal Reserve forces or the Nevada National Guard will be compensated for the difference in their NSHE pay and their military pay through the end of their employment contract. The differential compensation will commence immediately following the 15 working days provided for in Board of Regents Handbook Title 4, Chapter 3, Section 22, subsection 1.

The institution at which the professional staff member is employed will continue making retirement contributions for eligible employees in accordance with the Retirement Plan Alternatives plan document. At the request of the employee, other employment benefits - including but not limited to health insurance - will be continued through the contract year at the same cost that the employee is currently paying.

In time of war or national emergency, leave without pay may be granted to a faculty member who is called or volunteers to serve in federally sponsored scientific research and development projects.

Faculty members applying for military leave must present a copy of their military orders or other substantial evidence pertaining to their activity for training duty requirements or employment in defense work. Certified copies of discharge papers or other evidence pertaining to discharge or termination must be submitted to Human Resources for reinstatement.

See the Board of Regents Handbook (Title 4, Chapter 3, Section 22) for additional detail.

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