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2,641: Pre-Employment Certifications

Last Revised: June 2010

The Code of the Nevada System of Higher Education (NSHE) requires that all candidates interviewed for academic and administrative faculty positions execute a Pre-Employment Certification before they are interviewed [Board of Regents Handbook: Title 2, §5.10.2b]. In addition any candidate hired through a non-search (LOA, grant named, etc.) is required to complete a Pre-Employment Certification prior to the compliance form being approved.

Any falsification, misrepresentation, or material omission in a candidate's application materials or making other false or fraudulent representations in securing employment may be grounds for disqualification of candidacy or (if discovered after the date of hire) invalidation of any employment contract, without recourse or appeal under Title 2, Chapter 6 of the NSHE Code.

The following refers to candidates who disclose information on the Pre-Employment Certification form.

Criminal History

  1. When a candidate discloses a record of a criminal conviction, the search committee coordinator/chair must forward the form to the Assistant Vice President, Faculty Human Resources.
  2. The Assistant Vice President, Faculty Human Resources shall convene a committee of appropriate personnel for the purpose of determining if the conviction is directly related to the job function and if the candidate should be excluded from further consideration.
  3. Each case will be considered on its own merits including applicability to the position, seriousness of the offense, recency, and conduct since the offense and other pertinent information. The appointing authority shall be responsible for making the final decision after considering the recommendations of the Assistant Vice President, Faculty Human Resources.


  1. When a candidate discloses employment of relatives on the Pre-Employment Certification, the search committee coordinator/chair must forward the form to the Director, Faculty Human Resources.
  2. The Director, Faculty Human Resources reviews the candidate's relationship with other employees as it relates to the NSHE nepotism policy.
  3. If the hiring of a candidate would violate the nepotism policy, the candidate will be excluded from further consideration for that position.
  4. Any information that is disclosed under the Disclosure of the Employment of Relatives section on the Pre-Employment Certification form is public record.

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