'Honor the Best' award winners

A list of award winners; annual ceremony to be held at later date during fall semester

The University of Nevada, Reno campus looking south from Lawlor Events Center

'Honor the Best' award winners

A list of award winners; annual ceremony to be held at later date during fall semester

The University of Nevada, Reno campus looking south from Lawlor Events Center

In years past, the “Honor the Best” ceremony would have brought forth dozens of award winners from across campus for a single ceremony, usually held in the days leading up to the Spring Commencement Exercises.

Unfortunately, this year’s “Honor the Best” ceremony was put on hold, due to the COVID-19 outbreak. The University is planning on honoring the award winners at a later time during the fall semester.

“Our ‘Honor the Best’ honorees represent the very best work, service and achievement that we have at our University,” President Marc Johnson said. “I wish to congratulate each and every one of them. In addition, to those who have attained emerita and emeritus recognition, I wish to say ‘Thank You’ for making our University a better place.”

This year’s faculty, staff and student award winners included:

Foundation Early Career Innovator Award: Yftah Tal-Gan

Outstanding Researcher Award: Geoffrey Blewitt

University Graduate Academic Advising Award: Anne Leonard

University Undergraduate Academic Advising Award: Grace Leal

Foundation Professor: Wei Yang

Foundation Professor Matthew Forister

Foundation Professor: Greta de Jong

Outstanding Undergraduate Research Faculty Mentor: Kate Berry

Faculty Senate Outstanding Committee Service Award: Donnie Curtis

Faculty Senate Outstanding Committee Service Award: Tom Harrison

Foundation Innovative Impact Award: Carlos Cardillo

Foundation Administrative Faculty of the Year: Darius Robinson

Foundation Outstanding Leadership/Supervisor Award: Carrie Murphey

Distinguished Classified Employee of the Year: Kimberly Bonnenfant

  1. Donald Tibbitts Distinguished Teacher Award: Elena Pravosudova
  2. Donald Tibbitts Distinguished Teacher Award: Amy Fitch

Postdoctoral Award for Exceptional Mentoring: Joshua Jahner

Distinguished Outreach and Engagement Faculty Award: Stephen Rock

Regents’ Academic Advisor – Graduate: Anne Leonard

Regents’ Academic Advisor – Undergraduate: Grace Leal

Regents’ Creative Activities: Dmitri Atapine

Regents’ Researcher Distinguished: Kenton Sanders

Regents’ Researcher Award Mid-Career: Wei Yan

Regents’ Rising Researcher: Mozart Fonseca

Regents’ Rising Researcher: Kostas Alexis

Distinguished Service: Chuck Price

Distinguished Faculty: Ken Hunter

Global Engagement Award: Zeb Hogan

Inclusion, Equity and Diversity Leadership Award: TBA

Regents’ Scholar – Undergraduate: Edward Cruz

Regents’ Scholar – Graduate: Bruce (Taylor) Lensch

State of Nevada Governor’s Award: Ryan Lutz

Outstanding Graduate Student Researcher: Chevonne Sutter

Outstanding Graduating Graduate Student: Sima Aznavi

Student Employee of the Year: Quentin Burgess

Phi Kappa Phi Award: Aqib Hossain Chowdhury

Phi Kappa Phi Award: Samantha De Leon

Henry Albert Senior Public Service Award: Jacquelynn Tran

Henry Albert Senior Public Service Award: Shelly Shea

Henry Albert Senior Public Service Award: Mackenzie Kent

Henry Albert Senior Public Service Award: Anthony Martinez

Outstanding Senior: Kaitlyn McKenna

Outstanding Senior: Emily Olsen

Thornton Peace Prize: The Young Feminists

Cavanaugh Community Volunteer Award: Jamie Poston

Professor of Philosophy, Emerita: Deborah Achtenberg

Associate Director of Workforce Development, Emerita: Shera Alberti-Annunzio

Associate Professor of Nursing, Emerita: Christine Aramburu-Alegria

Professor of Pediatrics, Emerita: Miriam Bar-on

Associate Professor of Special Education, Emerita: Ann Bingham

Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Emeritus: Gary Blomquist

Director of State Training, Nevada Small Business Development Center, Emerita: Kathleen Carrico

Vice President of Development and Alumni Relations, Emeritus: John Carothers

Director of Government Relations and Associate Professor of Political Science: Robert Dickens

Operations Accountant, Emerita: Rhonda Dome

Associate Professor of Finance, Emerita: Sheri Faircloth

Associate Professor of Journalism, Emeritus: Robert Felten

Principal Lecturer of English, Emeritus: David Fenimore

Senior System Administrator, Emeritus: Daniel Fenwick

Associate Professor of Education, Emerita: Margaret Ferrara

Executive Director of 365 Learning Program, Emerita: Kerri McCulloch Garcia

Professor of Journalism, Emeritus: Howard Goldbaum

Associate Director, Gerontology Academic Program, Emerita: Susan Harris

Professor of Counseling and Educational Psychology, Emeritus: Thomas Harrison

Associate Professor of Nursing, Emeritus: Glenn Hagerstrom

Professor of Political Science, Emeritus: Eric Herzik

Vice Provost of Extended Studies and Community Engagement, Emeritus: Fred Holman

Professor of Surgery, Emeritus: Daniel Kirgan

Operational Manager, Emerita: Kristina Kruse

University Writer, Emerita (posthumously): Roseann Langlois

Associate Professor of Natural Resources & Environmental Science, Emerita: Nancy Markee

Coordinator, Nevada Center for Excellence in Disabilities, Emeritus: George McKinlay

Professor of History, Emeritus: Bruce Moran

Professor of Mathematics, Emerita: Swatee Naik,

Lecturer, Justice Management Program, Emerita: Jane Robinson

Director, Nevada Center for Excellence in Disabilities and Professor of Special Education, Emeritus: Stephen Rock

Professor of Economics, Emerita: Kimberly Rollins

Foundation Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Emeritus: Mehdi (Saiid) Saiidi

Academic Advisor, Emerita: Laura Scott

Professor of Chemistry, Emeritus: Lawrence Scott

Professor of Mining and Metallurgical Engineering, Emeritus: Thom Seal

Associate Professor of Sociology, Emerita: Meri Shadley

Professor of Internal Medicine, Emerita: Neila Shumaker

Principal Lecturer of English, Emerita: Lorena Stookey

Senior Computer Systems Administrator, Emeritus: Jonatahn Studebaker

Professor of Rangeland and Riparian Ecology Management, Emeritus: Sherman Swanson

Associate Professor of Biochemistry, Physician Studies Program, Emerita: Maria Valecik

Professor of Internal Medicine, Emeritus: John Anthony Varras

Professor of Natural Resources and Environmental Science, Emeritus: Mark Walker

Lecturer of French, Emerita: Lynni Weibezhal

Professor of Economics, Emerita: Jeanne Wendel

Professor of Psychology/Behavior Analysis, Emeritus: W. Larry Williams

Director, Board of Trustees Operations, Emeritus: Patricia Fogarty

Foundation Professor of Literacy Studies, Emerita: Diane Barone

Foundation Professor of Geography, Emeritus: Paul Starrs

Coordinator of Student Recruitment, Mackay School of Earth Sciences & Engineering, Emerita: Elizabeth Ball

Chair and Professor of Family and Community Medicine, Emerita: Elissa Palmer

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