University Libraries hosted 2019 Graduation Celebration

The Libraries gifted the Graduates certificates of appreciation, lapel pins, and double honor cords

University Libraries celebrated the accomplishments of 46 talented Libraries, Teaching and Learning Technologies and Office of Information Technologies student graduates

A person holding a degree and a graduation cap that says From Cub to Wolf

On May 8th University Libraries along with TLT and Office of Information Technologies celebrated their graduates. The graduates were given certificates of appreciation, lapel pins, and double honor cords in the library sciences’ color, lemon yellow, for them to wear at graduation.

Out of the 46 graduates, many of the students have worked for the organization for two to five years.

The celebration began with a spread of food and refreshments for the attendees to enjoy and ended with speeches made about the graduates and all they have done for the Libraries’.

“We’re so excited to celebrate our seniors and send them off into the real world,” Dean of Libraries and Teaching and Learning Technologies Kathlin Ray said. “This has been a busy year for the Knowledge Center and we could not have done all we did without the support of our students.”

Departments celebrating their graduates included, Building Operations, the @One, Teaching and Learning Technologies, Jon Bilbao Basque Library, DeLaMare Library, Special Collections and University Archives, and Library Information Technology Administration.

During the celebration the supervisors from each department got up and shared personal reflections of what it was like working with these outstanding students.

Nicole Allen, supervisor of graduating senior Emmanuel Joseph “E.J.” Lorica Papa and several other students that work in the @One had many nice things to say.

“E.J. is a notoriously hard worker, but even more so, he is notorious for keeping up morale and helping to connect our team,” Allen said. “There will probably be an adjustment period after he leaves.”

Each student has the opportunity to select a book from the collection to be bookplated in their honor. This is Libraries’ way of honoring its graduates and carrying on their legacy in honor of their service.

“Although it is bittersweet to see our students graduate, we send them onto their next chapter well prepared,” Ray said. “We wish each graduate the best of luck as they begin their journey into the real world.”

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