A new MyNEVADA is on its way

The Student Informaiton System is undergoing a technical upgrade, (which requires a short outage) and the new MyNEVADA will enhance the user experience for students.

The new MyNevada Student Information System will have a whole new look and feel for students and will streamline the mobile experience for end-users.

Students working on computers in the @One Computer Lab on campus at the University.

Here comes a new era of user experience with MyNEVADA.  The current system, MyNEVADA 2.0 is the University’s portal for users to access the Student Information System and it first debuted in June, 2018. The system was similar to a band-aid; the teams behind the platform knew that it wouldn’t be a permanent way to manage student information, but they needed it to fill a gap while a major upgrade to the underlying system, PeopleSoft, was in the works.

Users of MyNEVADA 2.0 disliked a number of things about the platform. They did not like that they had to sign in multiple times depending on what services they were navigating to and they felt that the system’s look and feel was a bit clunky. Enrollment Services and The Office for Information Technology took all complaints and suggestions regarding MyNEVADA 2.0 very seriously. They created a feedback form and read thousands of comments from end-users.

Using the feedback, the combined teams worked hard to make the process easier for the end-users, fixing the number of times people were required to log in and making other adjustments to try and improve the service. Despite their efforts, feelings continued to be lukewarm regarding MyNEVADA 2.0.

That all is about to change! The underlying software, PeopleSoft, is being upgraded. A major technical update to MyNEVADA will take place September 18th through the 23rd that will create a whole new experience for students. The upgraded user experience focuses on more efficient and mobile friendly navigation – especially for students. The new MyNEVADA will simply be called “MyNEVADA” as we say goodbye to 2.0.

“The technical upgrade to MyNEVADA is important as it will offer students a more efficient, mobile friendly experience and will keep the University in compliance to ensure we can distribute federal financial aid,” says University Registrar, Heather Turk-Fiecoat. She continues, “With the new platform, all the functions students are used to carrying out will have a fresh new look and feel - making it easier to navigate through the system. Our main goal is to always provide our students, and our entire campus community, the best resources we possibly can to ensure they are successful in achieving their education goals.”

Heather and her team, together with many people from The Office of Information Technology, have been hard at work to create the new experience for the past three and a half years and to make sure the implementation will meet the needs of users. “This upgrade is similar to taking a house, lifting the structure off the foundation, moving it down the road to an entirely new foundation, then reattaching all the electrical and plumbing,” she says.

While the upgrade will require an outage September 18th (3 p.m.) through the 23rd, many services will remain available including:

  • WebCampus/Canvas (online learning management);
  • Student Success Collaborative (advising);
  • Slate (undergraduate admissions application and prospective student information);
  • Target X (graduate admissions application and prospective student information);
  • AdAstra (facilities scheduling);
  • Enrollment Services Offices (You can call or come in person to speak with representatives. They will have access to information, but will not be able to process transactions during the outage.)

Updates and information about this upgrade can be found online on the MyNEVADA Upgrade Webpage.

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