Animal Resources staff member achieves IACUC accreditation

Successful completion of rigorous voluntary process is mark of quality and point of pride

IACUC Administrator Lana Reeves poses with her accreditation certificate.

2/6/2017 | By: Adrianna Owens |

Lana Reeves, IACUC Administrator for Animal Resources at the University of Nevada, Reno, has received her Certified Professional IACUC Administrator title after her commitment to voluntarily take an extensive exam.

Assistant Director for Professional Development of Public Responsibility in Medicine and Research, Maeve Luthin, said the CPIA program has recognized Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee administrators for ten years. 

"Candidates are tested on regulations and guidance pursuant to different federal agencies, ethical codes and best practices-some of which they may never encounter in their daily work, but are critical to being a well-rounded administrator," she said. "Since the beginning of the program, approximately two-thirds of candidates have obtained the certification."

Though the examination process was grueling, Reeves said her nerves subsided when she sat down to take the exam and she "just knew" that she was going to pass. 

"Studying for that exam has helped me do my job one hundred times better," she said. "Any time that you can increase your knowledge in your job, you're going to be serving your clients or your position in a better way."

The faculty-led IACUC oversees the University's animal care and use programs, facilities and procedures, and its purview includes all animals in the University's programs for research and teaching, across the span of the basic sciences, biomedical research, agricultural and wildlife settings. With Reeves administrative support, the IACUC reviews all requests to use vertebrate animals and works to ensure compliance with state, federal and international regulations. 

Ben Weigler, director of Animal Resources and campus attending veterinarian, credits Reeves for being the first in the history of any NSHE institution to achieve the CPIA IACUC credential.

"On behalf of our entire animal care and use program, I'm extremely proud of Lana for the extraordinary time and effort she spent over many months in preparing for this rigorous voluntary examination by herself and on her own time," he said.


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