Sigma Delta Pi ceremony slated for May 6

Initiation ceremony to be held for 19 undergrad/grad students and two honorary members

Sigma Delta Pi ceremony slated for May 6

Initiation ceremony to be held for 19 undergrad/grad students and two honorary members

(Editor's note: On Wednesday, May 6, from 3-3:45 p.m., in Room 422 of the Mathewson-IGT Knowledge Center, 15 undergraduate students, for graduate students and two honorary members will be initiated into Sigma Delta Pi, an academic honor society devoted to students of Spanish in four-year colleges and universities. It is the largest foreign-language honor society in existence with more than 170,000 members. Several members of the campus community are making a concerted effort to re-energize the University's chapter. Below is a list of important information about what is happening on campus as Sigma Delta Pi takes a more prominent role in the future.)
How long has Sigma Delta Pi been around?

It was founded at the University of California, Berkley in 1919. It was activated here in the Department of World Languages and Literatures but wasn't active since 1979.  This year organizers are reactivating the chapter.

Are members selected or do they apply?

Members need to apply.  Once a chapter is founded, and the charter members have been approved by the National President for initiation, it is the adviser's responsibility to supervise the selection of new members for all future inductions. Of primary importance in this process is the selection of only those students who fully meet all membership requirements. As a reminder, these requirements for active membership are listed below:

1. Each candidate must have completed three years of study of college-level Spanish (18 semester credit hours) or the equivalent thereof, including at least three semester hours of a course in Hispanic literature or Hispanic culture and civilization at the junior (third-year) level. A student may be admitted to active membership while still enrolled in the second junior- level course if all other requirements have been met and if the instructor of the course certifies that the student's work is of "B" or "A" quality.

2. They must have a minimal grade point average of 3.0 on a 4.0 point scale in all Spanish courses taken.

3. They must have a 3.2 overall G.P.A. and must have completed at least three semesters or five quarters of college work.

4. Graduate students who have been unconditionally admitted to a degree- granting program may be elected to membership upon completion of two graduate courses in Spanish with an average, which, if continued, will make them eligible for a graduate degree.

5. Sigma Delta Pi does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national or ethnic origin, sex, age, or disability.

How is this honor society different from a fraternity or sorority?

This is an academic society.

What kinds of activities are they involved in on campus and the community?

At the moment no involvement. Once the society becomes more stable with student officers, then we will need to start doing at least one community project a year.

How many current members are there?

The following are being initiated:

15 undergraduate

4 graduate

2 honorary members

You can only be initiated as a student.

Among the department faculty, there are seven current members (Dr. Isabelli, Dr. Lockhart, Dr. Leaños, Dr. Robinson, Ms. Leonard, Dr. Inestrillas, Dr. Thomas)

What's the mission statement?

Its motto is the Greek phrase "Spanías Didagéi Proágomen" meaning "Let's go forth/continue forth under the teaching/guidance of the Spanish language."

Why do you feel Sigma Delta Pi is important for students?

It gives them encouragement to earn high grades in their courses and have the opportunity to place this on their CV.

When is the initiation taking place and where?

Wednesday May 6, 2015  Mathewson-IGT Knowledge Center Graduate Reading Room , 422   3-3:45 p.m.

Other information:

For the Spanish Program, Sigma Delta Pi brings a much-needed place of recognition to excellence, a concept that we need to promote, and Spanish is now an intrinsic part of our society on campus, in the State, and in the Nation.  When a student is inducted into this Honor Society, s/he enters a group of selected scholars in the Nation that share and promote the development of excellence in Hispanic studies, as well as in other areas also. An excellent student of Spanish is an excellent student in everything else. The UNR Spanish Club, the organization within our program that already shares many of the same goals as the Honor Society, will also benefit from it because this union will allow us to offer better cultural events to share with the University and with the community. Excellence entails serving, and Sigma Delta Pi will allow us and our students to become not only excellent students, but will also promote the spirit of service and participation. 

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Casilde Isabelli

Faculty Sponsors: Dr. Beatriz Robison

Honorary Members:

Mr. Darren Griswold

Mr. Mario de la Rosa

Undergraduate Neophytes:

1.      Alaina Gibbons

2.      Kelsey B. Harriman

3.      Faatihah Hasan

4.      Sonia Hernández

5.      Stacie Jackson

6.      Megan Karsok

7.      Lauren Alison Kilpatrick

8.      Katharine Kirmse

9.      Chelsea McLean

10.  Lorena I. Montes

11.  Micah L. Nauck

12.  Aimee Suzanne Neubert

13.  Jessica Reza

14.  Ryan Robert

15.  Beatriz G. Robinson

Graduate Neophytes:

1.      Maria Aguilar

2.      Jessica A. Cunningham

3.      Brady Jorden Rupp

4.      Adolfo Saldaña

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