University club has largest ever number of students reach presidential status

The National Society of Leadership and Success hosted its annual induction ceremony before the University of Nevada, Reno’s spring commencement

5/28/2013 | By: Abbie Walker  |

The University of Nevada, Reno's National Society of Leadership and Success chapter, Sigma Alpha Pi, saw its largest membership in club history, 109 members, and each achieved presidential status at an induction ceremony on May 8 in the University's Davidson Mathematics and Science Center.

"The Society of Leadership and Success is one of the activities in which I feel such a sense of pride and honor and this was especially realized at the induction event," said Margaret Ferrara, associate professor with the College of Education. "Imagine seeing so many students and their families sharing their accomplishment of fulfilling the expectations of the society, and walking across the stage complete with applause and handshakes from all of the officers."

To be inducted and receive presidential status, students attended orientation, a leadership training day, and at least three speaking events with a complete write-up of each event. Throughout the year, students participated in a minimum of three success networking team meetings, which included discussing future goals, issues with school or work and submitted their reflections to one of the club advisors. In addition, the inductees completed at least four hours of community service. All criteria are to be met four weeks before the induction ceremony, but a lifetime membership is awarded upon competition.

"I enjoy guiding future members through their requirements for the society in order to become inducted," said Samantha Lilla, former vice president of Sigma Alpha Pi. "The greatest moment serving my time on the board was induction night. Seeing those students who were willing to follow through with the requirements and who wanted to join as members with the society made it feel like I had accomplished my duty as a leader to them; and as their vice president, it was one of the greatest nights."

To be a member of the National Society of Leadership and Success, University students had to earn a grade-point average of 3.25 or higher. Grade-point average and names are submitted to the National Society of Leadership and Success headquarters where formal letters are sent to qualified students.

Nationally, Sigma Alpha Pi represents the largest society in all chapters of the Society of Leadership and Success.

"I am so pleased to see the growth of the society as well as the individual accomplishments of our amazing members," said Jasmine Stanley, co-advisor and past community service chair and president. "It has been an honor serving the University campus with such a dedicated team of advisors, executive board members and an increasing number of new inductees. I'm looking forward to next year."


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