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10/19/2012 | By: Bob Felten  |

A group of Donald W. Reynolds School of Journalism students spent the last week in September working with Micki Maynard, one of the nation's top business journalists, on stories about efforts to reinvent Reno.

Maynard acted as editor while nine students reported and wrote stories for a blog about Reno's future.

"This seems to be a topic of great interest here in the community and also nationally," said Maynard.

Now, Maynard has written an article on the students' work and findings that has posted on its Reinventing America page, "Can Apple, Indie Music And Gourmet Pizza Reinvent Reno?" The article has a direct link to the student work posted on

Maynard is a contributor to Forbes Magazine,, and She is the former Detroit bureau chief for The New York Times and the author of four books, most notably The End of Detroit: How the Big Three Lost Their Grip.

Professor Alan Deutschman, Reynolds Chair of Business Journalism, brought Maynard to Reno to provide an exceptional opportunity for students to do important journalism.

"Working directly with a journalist of Micki's stature and ability is an outstanding learning experience," Deutschman said. "This is one way our students benefit directly from the resources available to me as a Reynolds Chair."

Although Maynard was only here for a week, she hopes the students will keep posting stories in the future.

"My hope is that some of the content that they produce they can pitch to local paper, local radio, TV, maybe even other papers around the country," she said.

The students working on the blog are Laney Olson, Zach Yeager, Melissa McMorran, Nick Rattigan, Chanelle Bessette, Cambria Roth, Sage Leehey, Zachary Volkert and Katie Sawicki.


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