University honors the 'Best'

Annual ceremony on May 16 honored campus award winners

5/24/2012 | By: Staff Reports  |

The University of Nevada, Reno honored its past, present and future during the annual "Honor The Best" ceremony on May 16 in the Ballroom of the Joe Crowley Student Union.

University President Marc Johnson praised the award winners, noting that without their many efforts over the past year, the University wouldn't have had such an "amazing" year that has seen many institutional records for enrollment, graduation and productivity broken.

"All of these milestone outputs are a direct result of the inputs of passion and love of learning and dedication to this university that the people in this room have shown," Johnson said.

Honorees included:

  • Outstanding Graduating Graduate Student: Angela Spires
  • ROTC Governor's Award: Catherine Stokes
  • ROTC President's Award: Zachary Betts
  • Faculty Senate's Award for Outstanding Service: Guy Hoelzer; Elliott Parker
  • Thornton Peace Prize: Scott Slovic
  • Regents' Academic Advisor Award, Undergraduate: Cynthia Birk
  • Regents' Creative Activity Award: Joseph De Lappe
  • Regents' Researcher Award: Faramarz Gordaninejad
  • Regents' Rising Researcher Award: Qizhen Li
  • Regents' Scholar Award, Graduate: Crystal Colombini
  • Regents' Scholar Award, Undergraduate: Muir Morrison
  • Outstanding Researcher of the Year: Thomas Kozel
  • Distinguished Classified Employee Award: Shannon Sisco
  • Distinguished Service: Sally Morgan
  • Distinguished Faculty: William Wallace
  • Foundation Professors: John Fildes; Gary Haynes; Scott Tyler
  • F. Donald Tibbitts Distinguished Teacher Award: Susan Ervin
  • F. Donald Tibbitts Distinguished Teacher Award Runners-Up: Stacy Gordon Fisher; Eric Marchand
  • Distinguished Outreach Faculty: W. Larry Williams
  • Outstanding Undergraduate Research Faculty Mentor: Derek Kauneckis
  • Graduate Academic Advisor Award: Robert Ostergard
  • Undergraduate Academic Advisor Award: Cynthia Birk
  • Student Employee of the Year: Michelle Bowman
  • Cavanaugh Community Volunteer Award: Christopher John McDonnell
  • Henry Albert Senior Public Service Award: Schinria Islam; Juan Lopez; Gregrette Perry; Pierce Robledo
  • Phi Kappa Phi Award: Heather Cherry; Dae Hyun Hahm
  • Outstanding Senior Award: Maxwell Alderman; Schinria Islam
  • Outstanding Graduate Student Researcher: Victoria Springer


  • V. Dean Adams
  • Linda Bedell
  • Gary Bishop
  • James Carson
  • William Cathey
  • Judy Cornelius
  • Jaak Daemen
  • Stephen Davis
  • Sachiko St. Jeor
  • Eva Essa
  • Caroline Ford
  • William Graettinger
  • Charles Hilsabeck
  • John Hsieh
  • Joseph Hume
  • Prudence Jones
  • Pamela Kahn Van Pelt
  • Kerry Lewis
  • Ronna Liggett
  • John Mahaffy
  • Grant Miller
  • Virginia Moore
  • Sally Morgan
  • Robert Morris
  • Gay Neuberger Warner
  • Jane Nichols
  • Ronald Phaneuf
  • Jonathan Price
  • Richard Allen Schultz
  • J. Scott Shonkwiler
  • Michael Simons
  • Marie Stewart
  • B. Grant Stitt
  • Dan Tone
  • Guy Wagener
  • Jill Wallace
  • William Wallace
  • Larry Walters
  • Joyce Woodson


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