Committee seeks input for Gender, Race and Identity courses

12/1/2009 | By: Staff Report  |

The Gender, Race and Identity committee for Holocaust, Genocide, and Peace Studies is currently updating the minor in Holocaust, Genocide and Peace Studies to reflect current campus resources, interest and needs. We are interested in defining the field of study more broadly and creating a degree that has practical, applied value for students.

In that vein, we are casting a broad net across campus, trying to find courses that might be included in this minor. Could you please contact us if you teach or know of any such courses, which could include (but are not limited to) topics like:

* human violence and peace studies
* conflict resolution or management
* war and peace
* human rights and human rights violations
* ethnic conflicts
* oppressive regimes
* resistance movements
* motivating factors or consequences of violence
* nonviolence
* literary, cultural, ethical, philosophical or historical explorations of the above topics

As HGPS is a minor and not a major, we would not be cross-listing your courses but rather including them on a list of outside courses that students may take. The FTE for any course listed as eligible for HGPS will remain inside the department of origin.

If you have courses to suggest or other input regarding our revision of HGPS, please contact GRI committee on Holocaust, Genocide, and Peace Studies. Committee members include:

Valerie Weinstein, Foreign Languages and Literatures,
Barbara Walker, History,
Darrell Lockhart, Foreign Languages and Literatures,
Bob Ostergard, Political Science,


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