University solicits ‘Honor the Best’ nominations

1/25/2008 | By: Adrienne Goetz  |

Every year the University honors its best. This year’s awards will presented during the “Honor the Best” ceremony on May 14. Depending on the award, the nominations are given by the faculty to students or by the students, campus organizations and staff to the faculty.

This year’s ceremony will include three awards, all of which are currently seeking nominations: The Outstanding Senior Award, the Henry Albert Senior Public Service Award and the Thornton Peace Prize.

The Henry Albert Senior Public Service Award is for seniors who graduated in August 2007, December 2007, or will graduate in May 2008. The criteria for this award is students who have been actively involved in volunteer public services on or off campus throughout their undergraduate college career. It will be presented to no more than four seniors, who will receive a $250 check. The deadline for nominations is Feb. 15.

The Outstanding Senior award will be presented to students who graduate in August 2007, December 2007, or May 2008. The criteria for winning this award is based on academic accomplishments, campus leadership and community service.

Academic accomplishments are based upon GPA, publications, research and membership in honorary organizations. Campus leadership is based upon being the executive officer of clubs and organizations, memberships on University or ASUN committees, and being a student-athlete. Community service is based upon a student serving the local community through volunteer agencies or hospitals, participating in cleanups, mentoring, and reading to children. Two seniors will receive a $500 check. The deadline for nominations is Feb. 22.

The Thornton Peace Prize is for an individual or group from the University community who exemplifies by word or deed that use of force is not the best way to resolve conflict. Nominations may be for a member of the faculty, staff, students, and or a campus organization. The recipient will receive a $1,000 check. Submit a nomination letter and appropriate documentation supporting your nominee to Suzanne Bach by March 14.

Nominate those that you think are worthy of these awards. For more information contact Jan Shipley at, or call at (775) 784-6196.


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