Cross training is so 80s … new center focuses on performance

2/6/2008 | By: Jill Stockton  |

The University's Integrated Health Center in the School of Public Health is forging new roads with Velocity Sports Performance to promote life-long health, wellness and optimal athletic performance.

The Integrated Health Center and Velocity Sports Performance will host a community open house at 1316 Capital Blvd. in Reno on Saturday, Feb. 9 from 11 a.m. until 2 p.m. This open house at Velocity Sports Performance will showcase the many benefits of understanding performance training, sports psychology, motion analysis, musculoskeletal performance and balance.

More than 70 local high school football players will be present to demonstrate the services Velocity Sports offers.

"These football players will be given a SAT of athleticism at the open house," said Velocity Sports Reno owner, University graduate and former University basketball player Chalmer Dillard. "The performance evaluation will focus on five areas including a speed, power, agility, quickness and reaction (SPARQ) rating."

Daryl Lawson, director of the University's Integrated Health Center and assistant clinical professor at the School of Public Health, feels the affiliation with Velocity Sports Performance positions the School of Public Health and the University to serve the needs of the community by providing a specialized service that can not be found anywhere else in the greater Reno area.

"By combining the age-based, sports specific training that Velocity Sports Performance offers with the treatment, testing and research areas the University's Integrated Health Center focuses on we are positioning ourselves to help the community get the most out of their physical activities," Lawson said. "Great athletes are not born, they are made. This affiliation allows us to build skills that lead to optimum athletic performance in all members of our community."

"The affiliation between Velocity Sports Performance and the University's Integrated Health Center has the potential to revolutionize how people think about exercise and wellness," Dillard added. "Members of the community should recognize that there is an athlete in all of us. From the beginners to the most advanced our affiliation with the University will allow us to offer a variety of services under one roof."

The Integrated Health Center at the University of Nevada, Reno is dedicated to promoting the quality of life of each of its patients through optimizing their present level of function. It offers treatment with sports injuries especially overuse injuries that occur with running, biking, etc. Motion analysis testing assists in evaluating these chronic injuries for optimal treatment. The Center also offers treatment for general orthopedic problems for all ages, testing and treatment for balance and vestibular dysfunction as well as general gait analysis. The Center also conducts a variety of research including musculoskeletal problems, balance, motion analysis and chronic non-healing wounds.

Velocity Sports Performance is the largest provider of sports performance training in the nation and offers training in a positive, safe, and professional environment.

At Velocity Sports Performance training centers, athletes in every sport, at all ages and all skill levels, have the opportunity to improve speed, agility, mobility and flexibility, and energy systems, while reducing the risk of sports-related injuries, and is available for children eight to 18 as well as active adults.


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