Weekly Teaching Tip | Closing Routines: Making a Good Exit

11/29/2007 | By: Staff Report  |

Try to end your classes with routines that help students know what to take from the experience. Finishing on a positive note will reinforce your students' motivation to learn. Consider using one or more of these techniques to wind up your class meetings:

  • Assignments: Save several minutes to discuss expectations and questions about assignments.
  • Q&A: Open the floor to general questions and answers during the final minutes. If response is weak, have students write their questions down and hand them in.
  • Return: If you don't intend to review or comment on papers and exams when you return them, give them back at the end of class, leaving a couple minutes for individuals to review and make arrangements to talk with you.
  • Honorable Mention: Take a minute to acknowledge quality student work. Just mentioning it is enough; a public pat on the back leaves people feeling good about the class.
  • Study Groups: Give students a couple minutes to meet their study groups (set these up beforehand) so they can make arrangements to meet or get started on homework.
  • Rituals: Just like greeting rituals, you can create a moment for good-bye rituals. Shake hands, have a round of applause for hard group work, or make a simple comment like, "Thank you for a good effort today. I look forward to our next class."

(Source: Center for Teaching and Learning, Indiana University)


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