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NSHE Vice Chancellor Jane Nichols said, before presenting certificates to the nine participants at the 2007 Annual Regents' Academy: "In addition to the focus on teaching, this annual retreat, which brings together faculty from the entire system, helps research faculty discover that their community college counterparts are very bright, and community college faculty learn that research faculty are very nice."

President Milton Glick, Acting Provost Jannet Vreeland, and Vice Provost Bill Cathey joined over forty people, including award recipients, deans, department chairs, and "significant others" on October 9, 2007, from 4:30-6:00 pm at a "Celebration of Teaching" ceremony hosted by the Excellence in Teaching Program.

Those in attendance were honored with a decorative cake with logos from each of the three faculty teaching events " The Regents' Academy, "Bootcamp for Profs," and the Large Class Enhancement Workshop. The faculty honorees each received completion certificates presented by either Dr. Nichols or Dr. Glick. Attendees also took a few moments to remember Judy Calder, who was one of the University's two original "Boot Campers."

The 2nd Annual Regents' Academy: "Redesigning and Revitalizing Courses" took place May 31-June 2, 2007 at Mt. Charleston near Las Vegas. Departments from all Nevada System of Higher Education campuses nominated faculty with two to seven years' teaching experience to take part in this 2½ day retreat. During the Regents' Academy, participants had an opportunity to focus on transforming a specific course. Leora Baron-Nixon, UNLV, and Barbara Millis, University of Nevada, Reno, led the intensive workshop sessions. Topics included defining learning goals using a backwards design approach; classroom assessment; deep learning activities; and refining your grading practices to promote and document learning.

University of Nevada, Reno participants were:

  • Ugur Tuncay Alparslan, Mathematics and Statistics
  • Candice Bauer, Engineering
  • Daniel Cook, Public Health
  • Denise Cornell, Nursing
  • Eelke Folmer, Computer Science and Engineering
  • Kunio Misono, Biochemistry
  • Do-Hwan Park, Mathematics and Statistics
  • Moncef Benjamin Tayahi, Electrical and Biomedical Engineering
  • Mehmet Serkan Tosun, Economics

"Boot Camp for Profs" took place June 24-29, 2007 at the Timberline Campus, Colorado Mountain College, Leadville, CO. A unique week-long program, "Boot Camp" originated in 1993 to solve the problem of enhancing teaching skills within the constraints of busy faculty schedules. Boot Camp focuses on building one's own teaching system, based upon a teaching philosophy statement. Key topics included core aspirations and values; content learning outcomes; teaching choices to promote learning; addressing the various stages of student intellectual and ethical development; critical thinking rubrics; and student self assessments. Master faculty from seven different institutions led the "Camp," including Barbara Millis from the University of Nevada, Reno.

University of Nevada, Reno participants were:

  • Kathy Altman, Mining Engineering
  • Cathy Butler, Nursing
  • Patricia Charles, Internal Medicine
  • Nora Constantino, Public Health
  • Lesley Sheppard, Excellence in Teaching Program
  • Deborah Shindell, Nursing
  • Judith Sugar, Public Health
  • Mark Walker, Natural Resources and Environmental Science

The "Large Class Enhancement" Workshop took place August 13-15, 2007, on the University of Nevada, Reno campus. Jointly sponsored by the Excellence in Teaching Program, University Assessment, and Teaching and Learning Technologies, together with faculty experienced in teaching large classes, this workshop was so successful it will be offered again next spring. Departments selected faculty participants scheduled to teach large classes of 80 students or more. Workshop topics included developing course learning objectives; classroom learning activities; student engagement and feedback using clickers; classroom assessment; instructional technology; and course management.

University of Nevada, Reno participants were:

  • Douglas Colbert, Mathematics and Statistics
  • Edmund Corey, Music and Dance
  • Susan Ervin, Nursing
  • Karon Felten, Nutrition
  • Barbara Fox, Music and Dance
  • Ted Mitchell, Managerial Sciences
  • Charlie Nazemian, Mathematics and Statistics
  • Ken Peak, Criminal Justice
  • Melodi Rodrigue, Physics
  • Lesley Sheppard, Excellence in Teaching Program
  • Julie Stoughton, Natural Resources and Environmental Science
  • Mark Wessinger, Psychology


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