The world is financially within reach of Nevada students

10/15/2007 | By: Staff Report  |

Imagine this: You are sitting at a sidewalk cafe, a warm cup of European-style coffee in hand. A baguette is off to your left, and your homework is off to your right. There is a slight breeze in the air, but it's still a comfortable 63 degrees.

Your pen moves across the page of your journal leaving a black scrawl behind as you write the events of the past week. You spent three days in St. Jean de Luz (a resort near the Spanish border) with your host family. You've been able to go wine tasting gaining a true taste for French wine.

Last month you traveled to Paris with a few friends from the University. You took that picture of the Eiffel tower your mom has always wanted. One of your new friends (who is French) looks up from his homework and laughs at the events your writing, adding a few details here and there.

You finish your journal entry with these words: "I can't believe this is ending and how quickly I've grown attached to this place. Four months ago I couldn't even stumble my way through a sentence in French. Now, French words are slipping into my English."

Such a journal entry might be in the future for Nevada students who attend the University Studies Abroad Consortium's information session at noon on Thursday, Oct. 18 in Room 244 of the Jot Travis Student Union. The session aims to show students that the cost of studying abroad is not as intimidating as it seems, with numerous scholarships available to offset the total amount. Nevada students with the Millennium Scholarship may also use those funds for USAC programs.

USAC has grown to offer 39 programs in 25 countries across the globe. Students can participate in programs as short as a summer trip or as long as an academic year.


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