The Knowledge Center is going to MARS!

12/3/2007 | By: Staff Report  |

The University Libraries is proud to announce that Brett Amesbury, a 21-year-old transfer student in Civil Engineering, has won the grand prize for naming the automated retrieval system in the Mathewson-IGT Knowledge Center. His name, MARS—for Mathewson Automatic Retrieval System—was selected by a committee of four people (three from Libraries and one from ASUN) from over 180 entries received during the contest period.

The committee chose MARS for its tie-in to the Knowledge Center's primary donor, Chuck Mathewson, as well as the fun, outer space, and high-tech flavor of the name.

"The name MARS is appropriate to honor Mr. Mathewson's gift to the Knowledge Center, as well as lending a whimsical aspect to the new automated retrieval system," said Carol Parkhurst, project coordinator. MARS is scheduled to be installed next spring.

Amesbury, along with others submitting top entries to the contest, will be treated to a behind-the-scenes tour of MARS next spring and will receive $20 in poster printing from the DataWorks Lab in Getchell Library. Brett also received a $100 gift card to the ASUN Bookstore.

According to Maggie Ressel, Director of Information Services for the Library, "Brett also won the smug feeling of naming something that people will be talking about and using for a long, long time!"

Amesbury, who comes from Mount Shasta, California, says he thought the name was catchy and easy to say, along with really explaining what it is. He decided to transfer to the University this semester because his brother goes to school here.

"I really like the atmosphere around campus, plus I heard that the engineering program is really good," Amesbury said.

Ten Runner-Up Names

The 10 runner-up names, several of which were independently suggested by multiple people, were:

  1. "Big Blue" by student Cassie Beck for the University's primary color.
  2. "Rover" (a dog who retrieves) by University student Gabrielle Blaustein, the Libraries' Amy Shannon, and University staff member Kim Truesdell.
  3. "Hal" by students Jessica Brown, Eric Noggle and Nick Tschernia for the self-aware computer in 2001: A Space Odyssey.
  4. "FETCH" by Taryn Doetch in Facilities Services, and students Adam Ellis, Jessica Greiman and Ryan Romero.
  5. "FReD" by the Libraries' Carol Parkhurst for "Fast Retrieval of Documents."
  6. "The VAULT" by the Libraries' Millie Syring for "Volumes and Unique Library Tomes."
  7. "ALPH" by student Andrea Thompson for "Automated Library Programmed Helper."
  8. "The Bookkeeper" by student Grigory Lukin, for "a giant machine that stores books."
  9. "Chewey" by student Jennifer Richards, for a "Dewey" decimal system replaced by a computer.
  10. "Fast Pack" by student Amy Taylor, because "it will be fast and we are the Wolf Pack."

The University Libraries thanks everyone who participated in the naming contest for taking the time to come up with such clever and memorable names.

In 2006, more than one million visitors visited the University's Getchell Library. The University expects to double the number of visitors, in the new facility, during the 2008-2009 academic year. The Mathewson-IGT Knowledge Center will serve the entire University campus (students, faculty and staff), as well as visitors from the community.

The Mathewson-IGT Knowledge Center will be one of the most technologically advanced libraries in the country, encompassing all facets of the digital age in a single, multi-functional complex. Integrated information technologies combined with the resources of the University library will maximize learning, nurture the production and distribution of new knowledge, and stimulate and sustain innovation on campus and in the community.


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