Rubinstein to speak at IACP

7/19/2007 | By: Staff Report  |

University alcohol and drug counselor Garry Rubinstein has been asked to speak at the 13th International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) conference on July 31 in Las Vegas. The goal of the IACP and its conferences is to advance the science of and art of police service.

Rubinstein, who has worked with the University since 1979, will be speaking at a general session about marijuana. His session, which is entitled "Inside the mind of the marijuana user," is aimed to help law enforcement officials learn about the effects of marijuana and why people use.

"I want to help the police officials learn how to identify a user," said Rubinstein. "They also need to know when people are just breaking the law and when they need help."

Rubinstein is also aiming to help judges and district attorneys sentence the criminals effectively.

"Sometimes people are just breaking the law, but other times they genuinely need help," said Rubinstein.

By explaining the symptoms of chronic users, Rubinstein hopes the judges and district attorneys will help those people in need.

However the effects of the drug are not the only aspect that Rubinstein will cover in his speech. He will also talk about why people use marijuana.

"We all know that people will occasionally try it or constantly use it," said Rubinstein. "But why they use it in the first place will help identify want type of user they are. This will help criminal justice professionals make better decisions when dealing with these people."

This annual conference will be the biggest to date. With over 800 people attending, Rubinstein hopes to make a lasting impression.

"I am honored to speak at the conference and I hope that I can help bring insight into the mind of the marijuana user."


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