Ragsdale to be the next ASUN President

3/16/2007 | By: Staff Report  |

Sarah Ragsdale was announced as the new Associated Students of the University of Nevada president, beating opponent Chris Driscoll by 116 votes. Ragsdale, a Carson City native, is the sixth female ASUN president in the last 100 years of the University's history.

According to the Nevada Sagebrush, Ragsdale said she was ecstatic about winning the election and her work as president would begin immediately.

"We need to hit the ground running," Ragsdale told the Sagebrush. "I still have so much to prioritize, from the president's cabinet to the academic advising."

Chris Trillo was elected as executive vice president. Maria Urbina won her unopposed race for vice president of clubs and organizations and Eli Reilly will be the next vice president for programming.

Students also approved the new ASUN constitution. Ragsdale said the new constitution will make it easier to change certain policies that the old constitution covered. She added that making amendments for the constitution is about a yearlong process, as new amendments must be passed in the senate then voted on by the students.

1317 students or 10 percent of the University's population voted in this year's election. In the 2006 election, only six percent of students voted.

Results for all other races are as follows:

Senator for the College of Agriculture, Biotechnology, and Natural Resources:

  • Katrina Stewart

Senator for the College of Business Administration:

  • Justin Shane
  • Ian McMenemy
  • Joseph Snider

Senator for the College of Engineering:

  • Gregory Green
  • Collin Emmerson

Senator for the College of Health and Human Sciences:

  • Priscilla Acosta
  • Jeremiah Todd

Senator for the College of Liberal Arts:

  • Kyle Rea
  • Michael Cabrera
  • Carmen Gilbert
  • Trevor Hartzell
  • Sean McDonald
  • Taylor Anderson
  • Steven Caloiaro

Senator for the College of Science:

  • Kerry Mian
  • Noah Millett

Senator for the School of Journalism:

  • Monika Mala


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