It's time to 'Bulldoze the Bulldogs'

10/3/2007 | By: Staff Report  |

Goggle-eyed fraternity and sorority members stumbled, shouted and jumped their way through a zany obstacle course on the JTSU lawn on Monday, Oct. 1 in celebration of homecoming week. "Bulldoze the Bulldogs," was the first of many ASUN sponsored homecoming events used to help build spirit across the campus community.
This year's Homecoming 2007 theme is all about tradition, according to Lindsey Kern, Flipside's new diversions chair. The new thematic phrase for this year's events is entitled, "Keepin' tradition alive in the 775." While the phrase does stem from the popular television comedy show "Reno 911," Kern still believes that it gets to the heart and the type of spirit she has observed across campus recently.
"Club and organization participation is definitely up," Kern said. "And I think there is just more spirit and buzz around campus in general, not just about homecoming but everything else."
"Bulldoze the Bulldogs," named after the mascot of Fresno State, was set up as an obstacle course that organizations could complete in as a group. Between putting a silly puzzle together, running through cones and throwing a football with funky lab goggles, this event proved to be a fun challenge for most.
In the past, homecoming events like "Bulldoze the Bulldogs" were based on a point system that worked around how many members clubs had in attendance at competitive events.
This year, according to Kern, the rules have changed to make homecoming events more competitive and accessible for all kinds of clubs. Participating clubs are now given points based on how well they place in certain competitive events during homecoming week. At the end of the week, the club with the most points is recognized at the homecoming football game, which will be held on Saturday at 1:05 Mackay Stadium, pitting the Nevada Wolf Pack against Fresno State.
Other competitive homecoming events that will be occurring throughout the coming week include, Root Beer Pong, Wolves Frolic talent show, Beat the Bulldogs Barbecue, comedian Lee Levine, Midnight Madness and the Pack Pride Lunch.


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