Intercultural Council December meeting summary

1/8/2007 | By: Staff Report  |

1. Disabilities Studies Project

The committee has been sent a selection of links about such programs to familiarize members with the broad outlines of such program. In addition, Michael is in continuing discussion with Joanne Johnson, Director of the University Center for Excellence in Disabilities as well as with members of the University Disabilities Resource Coalition who also support the development of a Disability Studies Program.

Preliminary discussions with Fred Holman, vice provost for Extended Studies, have identified a new staff member who will join the division at the new year and have responsibility for professional development programs.

The next step is to gather the IC subcommittee on Disability Studies chaired by Dawn Overbay with the other resource personnel to develop a plan to: (1) develop a proposal for the development and marketing of a "Disabilities" certificate program that will serve the needs of practitioners and others who might benefit for certification, and (2) begin the process of developing a multi-pronged Disabilities Studies program that emphasizes life-span issues.

2. University/Community collaboration

Melanie updated the committee on subcommittee activities which have included: (1) a preliminary identification of 10 values that will be foundational to the IC and possibly by extension the university as well interface with the wider community; (2) a preliminary identification of existing relationships between agents of the university and community based organizations and groups.

The IC will also be mindful of how it might be of service should a relationship between the University and Hug High School be announced in the near future.

The subcommittee also signed on to develop a brown bag on 'what does it mean to be a university community?' for the spring semester.

3. The Diversity Awareness subcommittee has a meeting scheduled in the near future and will update the IC after that occurs.

Other updates:

4. The ACE (American Council on Education) Women's Program

The program held a well attended conference recently (upwards of 300 attendees).

The statewide and University ACE coordinators will be invited to an IC meeting early next year to provide information on the program's goals and objective so the IC can consider ways in which we might support the ACE program.

5. Diversity Committee Updates (Highlights only)

Advocates and Allies to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer Issues

  • held a very successful 6 week film series (Oct/Nov 06)
  • is planning a brown bag on "faith" in the LGBTQ community for spring
  • produced a newsletter for those who have registered as an Ally through the Ally project. (Michael will forward the newsletter upon request.

The Work & Family Taskforce

  • conducted a childcare needs survey of employees and students that will be attached to an RFP that will solicit outside vendors.
  • conducted a brown bag dialogue on community
  • is planning a co-curricular program for spring

Multiethnic Coalition

  • conducted a brown bag dialogue on community (notes, etc. have already been sent to the IC).
  • is in the final stage of planning for a series of three panel discussions of the "Impact of Race/Ethnicity" in the classroom, in employment and the work place, and in the wider community for February 07.
  • participated in outreach to the Latino community by appearing on Carlos Romo's El Mundo Hispano on KOLO TV. The program ran in December and will be rebroadcast Jan. 13 at 6:30 a.m.

University Disabilities Resource Coalition

  • had a broadly successful celebration of Disability Awareness Month (go to: to review the programs).
  • will work collaboratively with the personnel at Lawlor Events Center to extend the seating available to patrons with mobility issues
  • developed a brochure that identified those services and which will be available to patrons at the ticket office
  • will send an updated brochure to season ticket holders next year to spread the word on the accommodations that are available.
  • the committee's recommendation to remodel the gym floor level restroom to accommodate user who are in chairs in the Virginia Street Gym is near the construction stage
  • once the remodel is complete the UDRC will revisit an earlier recommendation to make that facility open to chair competitors in the community on an ongoing basis.
  • possible events will include a regional chair basketball tourney
  • the opportunity to introduce students in K12 who use chairs and are interested in competitive sports to basketball
  • the absence of flashing strobe/noise alarms in high density locations (Lombardi and Getchell) remains a issue that needs to be addressed
  • the provision of evacuation chairs to building higher that a single story will be written into the FFE calculation of all projects
  • provision of evacuation chairs for existing structures is being pursued

Committee on the Status of Women

  • had a fruitful meeting with President Glick on: (1) the reestablishment of a Women's Center on campus, and (2) the possible development and implementation of a campus-wide climate survey to establish baseline information and to develop a plan of action to address the areas of university life that require attention.
  • has conducted a series of focus groups on the university commitment to diversity with selected academic and administrative faculty
  • extended an invitation to classified staff to become more substantially involved in the CSW so that the committee's mandated (by the Board of Regents) mission to serve the interests of all women employees and students can be accomplished
  • held a brown bag on the meaning of community
  • has identified, through its Safety subcommittee, safety concerns re: campus facilities, security issues, etc. These are forwarded to the VPAF who updates the CSW steps that have been taken to address each issue


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