Fit Bits: A fit mind is a fit body

4/26/2007 | By: Staff Report  |

Hello again everyone. I hope this finds you well and preparing for spring, I know I am. As promised, I want to touch upon something other than the obvious physical aspect of fitness. When we think of fitness and exercise we naturally think of the physical, but making up our minds is the very first step in the process of the actual act.

When we make a determination to be fit, lose weight, or eat healthier that is half the battle. We might be physically willing and able to exercise but without the power of positive thinking, the motivator in this case, the act will never happen. How important is it to maintain a positive attitude? How many times have we all said, I will start tomorrow and tomorrow never comes?

We realize the importance of exercise and eating right. The time we spend in the gym is not only toning and strengthening our bodies, but may be adding to the quality of our lives as well. We work out regularly, drink plenty of water, eat our veggies and fruits, whole grains, and fish. We want to stay as healthy and fit as we possibly can be.

And yet all too often we neglect any sort of relaxation regimen. It's easy to do in our fast paced, multitasking world. This month let's try to change that. We're well into the spring season, which represents new beginnings. So let's focus on some techniques you can use for stress reduction and to soothe jangled nerves, let your body relax and get the most out of your fitness routine.

Calm and Quiet. We don't live in a quiet world. We're bombarded by noise from sunup to sundown. For this moment of relaxation find a quiet spot. Turn off the radio, television, and any other personal listening device. Now get comfortable. This is not the time to think about the day's problems or to plan your grocery list.

The instant any negative or worrisome thought creeps into your mind, release it as something that is draining to your health and well being. You can always worry later, if you must. Not now. This is your time to be alone with you, to focus on all the good and positive things in your life. Close your eyes and listen to the quiet. This is a quick meditation.

Meditation is one of the best ways I know of to get yourself in the habit of complete relaxation. There are many fine books and tapes available that will help you through various methods and techniques. Until you develop the habit of meditation, I recommend you join a guided meditation group.

Tai Chi is a gentle form of exercise that offers stress reduction benefits. Generally accepted as safe for all ages and levels of fitness, Tai Chi not only helps flexibility, but also is known to improve sleep. There are several different types of Tai Chi. if you're a beginner you should join a group in order to learn the correct techniques of this remarkable form of exercise.

As always consult your doctor before doing any form of exercise.

Until next time this is your efitness coach reminding you to exercise, eat a healthy diet, maintain a positive attitude and be fit for life.


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