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Hello again everyone, I hope this finds you happy and healthy. This month I thought a discussion on Arthritis would be beneficial and something most of us past the age of 50 will identify with.

I can speak from personal experience on this subject as some of you know I have severe arthritis in most of my joints. That is why you see me walking at a fast pace, like a race walker, or taking the stairs two at a time. Keeping the joints loose and the blood circulation flowing, helps ease the harsh pain of arthritis. The pain gets so intense sometimes it is difficult to get comfortable. The longer we sit or sleep at night the stiffer our joints become, so I have a few suggestions.

First before you get out of bed in the morning stretch your muscles and joints by placing a towel on the bottom of your foot and pulling up with your arms. Do this for a minute or so. Now move to the other foot and do the same thing. You can do this while still lying down in the bed. This will make it easier to get up and move around.

I find, and case studies have proven , that slow gentle movements while doing resistance training (weights) helps with relieving the aches and pain of arthritis. The rule of thumb is to use very light weights or no weights at all and go through the motions. I am planning a future Bill's Total Fitness show on this very subject. So watch for it.

Tai Chi is a very good alternative for those of you that cannot deal with the resistance training because of the pain. As a matter of fact in a recent statement ,The National Arthritis Foundation endorses and recommends Tai Chi.

Tai Chi is a series of slow gentle movements that offers pain reducing benefits to those of you with very sensitive joints says Jeff Savage, director of programs for the National Arthritis Foundation.

So keep moving those joints and muscles folks. Until next time this is your fitness coach Bill Oberding wishing you a great month, and remember exercise, eat a balanced diet, maintain a positive attitude, and be fit for life.

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