Composition and Communication in the Disciplines

Composition and Communication in the Disciplines (CCID) consists of a team of experts to help faculty teach their students to become better communicators. Whether you're teaching a math class, philosophy, engineering, music, or science, we have the tools and resources you need to develop effective communication skills in your students.

Most students across the disciplines are expected to write papers in their courses, give a presentation and even use digital media to communicate in your courses. These are great skills for students to have, but faculty don't always have the necessary resources to help students meet these demands.

CCID is here to support your teaching and professional development, especially where writing, presenting and multimedia are concerned. There are any number of ways that we can accomplish this: workshops, retreats, one-on-one consultations, assignment reviews, working with small groups of faculty who are teaching the same course, working to develop assignments within and across courses, working with whole departments, helping with assessment, etc. CCID is ready to help in any way we can that will advance student communication abilities, and this includes your communication abilities, too. So please don't be shy. Ask for help.

CCID offers any faculty members from across campus the tools they need to help their students.

  • Writing workshops on how to develop writing skills in students
  • Digital media tutorials
  • Communication software reviews
  • Personal feedback on your communication questions

What does CCID offer?

CCID faculty writing retreats, events and workshops

CCID hosts four faculty writing retreats each academic year that foster a productive community of writers and researchers.

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CCID toolkit of writing and teaching resources

We offer assistance with sample writing assignments, assessment models and cross-disciplinary class visits.

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Silver Core curriculum help

CCID provides guidance on how Silver Core Objectives One and 13 can be met across the disciplines.

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