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Membership link

University Galleries supports campus, regional, and global viewers in an exploration of today's world through intellectual and creative inquiry. This mission is informed by values articulated by the Department and the University Galleries board of advisors who believe that our human community stands to gain from the development of cognitive, behavioral, and affective arts learning that leads to informed and intentioned living. Committed to extend the excellence of the University of Nevada, Reno, University Galleries collects, conserves, exhibits, and shares art research with the understanding that both our cultural heritage and our future belong to the publics we serve.  

University Galleries offers regularly scheduled programming and events co-hosted with other campus departments and local organizations. Exhibitions rotate frequently.

On most Thursday nights, visitors will find an opportunity for a new art encounter in the galleries. Lectures, workshops, demonstrations, screenings, studio visits, receptions and more are all part of University Galleries programming accompanying each exhibition.

Because Great Universities have Great Museums, University Galleries is a member of the Association of Academic Museums and Galleries.  

University Galleries works to grow accessibility to the arts among our community's elders and mobility challenged.  To learn more about our program to pair arts enthusiasts with those who need assistance visiting our museum or to register as an Art partner, click here to send an email to University Galleries.  

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You can find University Galleries on Twitter and Facebook and on Instagram.

Current Exhibitions

University Galleries offer programming and events co-hosted with other campus departments and local organizations.

Permanent Collection

The University's Permanent Collection represents an impressive, decades-old collecting program that is noteworthy for its early attention to regional painters.


Admission to any University Galleries events is free. Hours of operation vary with location.


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