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General Studies

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Bachelor of General Studies

Farrah Dobbas

Farrah DobbasFarrah Dobbas, senior, struggled with completing a major because her learning disability made it hard to pass a language requirement. "Well I have struggled, let's be honest, struggled with school forever." Always having an interest in communications and journalistic reporting, Dobbas was able to construct a degree around her career goals.

Right now she is interning under a major ESPN sideline host and hopes to one day become a host herself. This past summer she was an interviewer for the College National Finals Rodeo in Wyoming. "I grew up rodeoing so that was part of my interest. I plan on going out to Houston in the spring and that's for another rodeo so I would be interviewing again."

Dobbas loves the General Studies major because it gives her the opportunity to do a major and minor in one degree. With a desire to get out into the career field without giving up on a bachelors degree, she found her perfect fit with General Studies. "I think everyone that is a general studies major has a story of their own. Not even saying it's been easier for me, I've actually enjoyed college now."

Aislynn Mueller

Aislynn Mueller

Aislynn Mueller, senior, found general studies as a placeholder for athletics. As a college athlete she needed to declare a major but being a transfer student she didn't have enough units to declare criminal justice. When she finally had enough units to switch majors, "I ended up liking the availability of classes so much that I ended up staying in it."

She admitted at first she was hesitant to declare general studies because of the perception of its title but soon discovered it fit her wants even more. "I feel if I was just criminal justice, I would not look at the justice system the same way with the sociological side. " Besides just learning different sides of law through multiple perspectives she realized the chance to meet and network with professors in many fields of study was beneficial as well. "I have a larger network trying to get my letters of recommendation for law school because I know more teachers."

After she graduates in December 2012, Mueller plans on going to law school. "I was able to graduate a semester early with this degree that was really integrated in many different parts." She is interested in pursuing international law and is going to Spain right after graduating with USAC for a winter program. She plans on getting an internship with Amnesty International before continuing onto graduate school.

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