Mackay Science

Photo of the Mackay Science Building at the University of Nevada, Reno

The Mackay Science Building was dedicated in 1930 to serve the Departments of Physics and Chemistry. The $425,000 building was a gift to the university from Clarence H. Mackay, who, along with his mother, had earlier donated the funding for the Mackay Mines Building. This Georgian-style structure, complete with Ionic pilasters, was designed by Reno architect Frederick De Longchamps. When it opened, Mackay Science was considered one of the most modern science teaching facilities in the West. The building today houses the Department of Geography, which has earned a reputation for its excellence in teaching. Over the years, four members of the geography faculty have earned the F. Donald Tibbitts Award, awarded each year to the University’s finest teacher.

Building Code: MS Building Number: 036